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  1. We have blackthorn in flower in North Suffolk at the moment.
  2. Well I went for the 261 from the local dealer in the way in to work this morning, and after a day on it I am happy after doing the same job with the huzqvarna 365 last week it felt light and it has plenty of go zipping through the willow and hazel we are cutting at the moment. The reason for not going for the 241 is a) as wyk said it's not much more money or weight for the extra power and b) the shop didn't have any 241s! but I feel that I have got a saw that fits my needs so thanks for th the help everyone.
  3. Thanks I will have a look at both stihls on the way in this morning, hopefully they will be reasonably priced.I don't know this local dealer very well if they are to expensive I will to online which give many more options.
  4. There is a stihl dealer in the way to site I might give the 241 a go. Does anyone know if a bar from a ms 360 would fit in it? I have some lurking in the shed.
  5. Hi all, I am in need of a smaller saw for Coppicing smaller hazel trashing scrub etc... Currently I have a 365 huzqvarna which is great for larger coppice but is a bit of a lump when just trashing small stuff. I am open to ideas of all brands so what would you use/ recommend?
  6. Cool bottles, but can you get it in bigger containers to get the price down?
  7. Thanks, the fuel line looks bad think I will change that.
  8. I have a little husqvarna 41in bits on my bench today piston and cylinder are scored so I have ordered new ones. I am not sure why they're scored I just picked up the saw at a boot sale so no idea how it stopped. Hopefully some one ran it on neat petrol but the tank was empty and dry so no clue there. What else it there to look out for? Cheers
  9. Had mine on last night only for about a hour or so beets burning oil!
  10. Veg oil is fine I use it all the time so does my colleague we have done for 2 years with no problems with bar or sprocket ware, the only thing with it is it does go sticky if you leave it but on a every day saw that's no problem just running some mineral through before putting the saw away for a long period, months, weeks is fine my backup saws are on it with no problems.
  11. I agree it's really sad to cut up a good log to send it in to fire wood but there are not enough people in the UK with the skills to use the volume we could produce. When I was selling sawn timber to joiners most of them only knew how to use sapele and other big tropical timber, there were exceptions, but for most the hassle of using European timber wasn't worth it. Sad but true. So if I was the op I would try and get them in to someone as log, and I hope you do but at least you know you can firewood them if you get no takers.
  12. Welcome teed, that looks like a good bit of kit, do you grow the timber you mill?
  13. Deciduous Dan


    I might have to try them I always use Oregon but do get through a lot of files
  14. Deciduous Dan


    I often use a larger file to restore a chain that's taken a beating but then go back to the standard size, and I always file free hand so it's good for cleaning out the gullet but you do have to watch how close you are to the tie strap.
  15. Mine is really easy to start makes you wonder why people bother with them on smaller saws!


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