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  1. Wainy

    Pto chippers

    My Schlesinger has a hitch on the back as standard and I used to tow a 3t tip trailer but I did have to beef up the 3 point attachment points after a few years.
  2. Feeling apprehensive about posting this picture but we've staked a few trees over the years and now started doing it as in the picture. The stakes were taken out this year as well established now. Think the trees were about 14/16ft when planted. Stakes were about 2ft in the ground, heavy duty webbing and blocks. A very windy site and not one moved or rubbed so happy with it and looked tidy on approach to a new house. And no I can't rotate the picture either!
  3. We use one of these from dig bits on our jcb 8015. You'd struggle to bend it on a machine of this size. Very useful for all sorts, we've got the light weight version for soil raking and such but waste of time to be honest.
  4. Also do some freehand, I know it's a bit rough but was a rustic themed wedding!
  5. I have bought a stencil kit and it's quite easy once set up, think it was pro-craft will have to check. Think you can use straight, v or rounded cutters. Was brave enough to have a go on this gate.
  6. Try Richard Bowen from Worcester way Phone: 01905 778752 Mobile: 07900 191357
  7. Refusing Tea. That goes against our number one company policy!
  8. I run one of these chippers on a 24hp (well it was once upon a time) Kubota. Needs 3 weights on the front but a great set up getting in between trees and right up to a job. Transport it on a 12ft wessex but it doesn't fit with the weights on so always interesting to load!
  9. be careful using tarmac 'cleaners'. I used them when my chipper did something similar then jet washed the whole drive, all looked good that night but the following day when it had dried there were clean patches all over where it had taken the colour out of the old tarmac. one not very happy customer!
  10. probably similar to conveyor stuff but I used belt of a round baler, perfect width for hedge flail skirts too.
  11. I bought my pickup from Harfords 4x4 and he was importing these, think they were on the website. Nice bloke to deal with too.
  12. Wainy

    Samurai Saws

    Bought some at the last apf with free hat!! Impressive when first used but I thought they blunted quickly also snapped one. Oh and the belt clip snapped.
  13. Wouldn't bother with compact machine for normal hedge/verge work, ok for specific narrow access. If you've got a conventional tractor available you might as well use that, a compact hedge cutter will probably cost more too. Full size machine will give you reach and weight which is a lot nicer to work with. Go for a flail over a cutter bar as no clearing up afterwards. I've got an orsi machine which I'm sure is Italian and to be honest very well built. Only 5mtr but does most hedges I've come across.
  14. Burgoynes. Warwick road between Chadwick end and knowle. Sure I've seen it on the shelf in there


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