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  1. 30 ft jetty

    Thanks guys, just been to a site visit and as always nothing easy, can't get any plant down to where its going but I can get an excavator to the side of the lake and now the customer now wants it a lot longer with a hammer head at the end. Now you ask yourself how is he going to drive the piles with no mechanical help, so as the project is basically a 6ft wide walkway onto the lake what are your opinions of building floating pontoons built around blocks of polystyrene and bolting to one another. Will decide on the timber when i decide how to build it, by the way the water in the lake is very still and covered ib lilly pads. Gethin.
  2. 30 ft jetty

    Hi, I don't fancy the Alder and not much Elm in this area that I know of, the other option that I nave and imo better is Larch.
  3. 30 ft jetty

    Hi, I have a 30 ft jetty to build into a shallow lake, the customer wants localy milled and grown timber. Do you think Douglas fir is up to the job? Or open to ideas. Thanks.
  4. Show your tractors

    Pic above reminds me of the old Fordson advert where they had a Dexta and a Major parked up with the drivers shaking hands how sweet
  5. Field shelter suppler

    I have a few designes on my web page, link below. The shelters can be built with heavier timber but as with life and Ryanair this will incur a surcharge
  6. Third and Fourth Attempts !

    Thats the model:lol:
  7. A scam? what do you reckon?

    SCAM they must think we're a bunch of morons.
  8. Back in the woods

  9. Rabbit Hutches

    belive me ,it may only be just high enough for the gerbils. it looks MASIVE but they are only about at the most 4ft tall.
  10. Rabbit Hutches

    shiped in all the way from china,sold by the container load,book a day in about 18 months you'll be there again putting it in the skip . When these turned up on ebay few years ago I thought that I may aswell hang up my belt:lol: but actully things have improved,customers get addicted to hens and when theyer chinese coop fall apart within th year they then go for british built,you wouldn't belive the amount of times I have replaced Chinese cra..p.
  11. Home made log store

    now that youv'e gone to the expence of treted timber remember to treat any sawn edges,I know treated timber is guaranteed for 15 years but as soon as it's cut all guarantees fly out the window.
  12. maggie thatcher

    but got evicted by her own back benchers when they put Major in :lol: I'm with the EX miners and every hard working man that she drove her tank over.:thumbup:
  13. Show your tractors

    you would first use a chain harrow on grassland to tare out moss and level off any mole hills, this would also drag stones out of the ground, you would then flat roll them back into the ground. This is to avoid damage to forage machinery,if you have ever used a two drum mower to mow hay and a it fires a stone into the cab you'll know what I'm talking about, it comes in like a scud missile.
  14. Rabbit Hutches

    I whole heartedly agree and I have been there, but customers think you will be cheaper than pet shops ... you can't compete with them on the price you have to push that they are made of better quality material,it can be done it has taken me years to build up my buisness in animal housing and I know you won't make enough to cover you'r time on a one off but the more you make the faster you get. Good luck.
  15. Rabbit Hutches

    WPB ply is waterproof and boil proof ply, Marine ply glue will withstand the effect of saltwater,the same wood is used in both just the glue is different, you are welcomed to use Marine ply but at twice the cost,as long as you don't use shuttering ply or OSB. With 30 odd years as a carpenter/plant operator and any spare timein the last few years as an NVQ assessor on plant operators and carpenters.


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