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  1. Ex of this Parish, not seen around for a while. Anyone have contact details for him? cheers G
  2. He's not your MP but it would be worth contacting Michael Fabricant: https://www.michael.fabricant.mp.co.uk/2019/01/23/michael-fabricant-introduces-legislation-to-protect-ancient-woodlands/ In addition the current standing advice specifically includes indirect impacts: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/ancient-woodland-and-veteran-trees-protection-surveys-licences#assess-the-impacts Woodland trust should also be of assistance. It's worth bearing in mind the cumulative effect on ancient woods in the midlands in the forthcoming decade or so from HS2 and developments like this. G
  3. Driving past at the weekend. Said to the other half 'that's Graham's work'. Lovely job.
  4. That on the A51 Graham?
  5. herne

    Mower rip off

    Morning all. Wonder if anyone else has had problems with the below? A friend has 'purchased' from the 'company' and not received goods. Obvious debt recovery case but wanted to highlight to prevent anyone else getting stung. The 'company' is MowDirect. They are on the web. The address they give is :- Brick Kiln Lane, Morningthorpe, NR15 2LH. The change of company address is MowDirect-Chipperfield, 72 High St. London, Colney AL2 1QN The customer support person is supposedly named SallyAnn. Their telephone no. is :- 020 3697 9432 There are numerous complaints about customers getting cheated. Aparrently, Chipperfield was the new company they set up in order to close the other one and wipe out their debts to customers. Cheers G
  6. https://www.forestresearch.gov.uk/documents/2002/FR_BEC_East_Anglia_whole_tree_thinning_by_chipping_IPIN_1198_1999.pdf This might be of assistance. I know the aim of the study was whole tree rather than residue harvesting. The Bruunet on the last page looks just about right for what the OP envisaged (perhaps) and may give some ideas. G
  7. once you've made enough money from the first few, a table sander with DRO thickness control will be your best friend. I used to make flooring and that machine was an absolute godsend. Obviously a planer/thicknesser would be great too. Superb work by the way. The arrangement of timber in the piece is unique and very attractive. All the best with forthcoming pieces!
  8. TCD: It's a good piece. The effects are very clear to see. Not just in the ways that are detailed but also in the quality of outputs. On many jobs that I see (hardwoods or o/m conifers/mixtures), the quality is fast approaching the bad old days of 'timber mining'. With prices either cut to the bone or payment on an uncertain basis it's no surprise that corners are cut or job sites looking 'underloved'. I'd be happy to sign a petition on the basis of contractors being able to issue invoices 'off harvester/forwarder'. I think it would benefit the industry as a whole. Regards Gareth
  9. Thank you kindly. I will take a look.
  10. Evening. As above, looking to hire Bilke S3 or similar guillotine type processor. Job is in Staffs. Lots of small diameter cord/branchwood to process. May consider machine purchase if anyone selling? Cheers G
  11. Thanks chaps. I'll try and post some pics on Monday.
  12. As title. Toying with the idea of selling my 090 av. In decent condition with 3ft hard nosed bar. Struggling to define a reasonable price point. Any ideas? Few 070s for sale but they're not directly comparable. Cheers G
  13. Hi all, there's a mobile milling job for a client of mine at the above location in Leics. Several 8-10 foot lengths of Beech that the client wants to retain on site. Diameter of some of the lumps will be 5ft+ so factor that in. There's also a much smaller Turkey Oak to do. Is there anyone who would be interested in this? Everything is nice and accessible. PM me if interested and I'll put you in touch with the client directly. Cheers G
  14. There's a few good deals on the pre d max 3.0 rodeos around. Any love for them? Currently got a 96 lc Amazon but it's low mileage, too nice to spoil and isn't economical enough to run on its own. Golf diesel gets most of the miles.


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