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  1. They are British whites no dehorning needed the poor dears are getting a bit hungry they're the wildlife trust conservation tool. We've just been having fun making glades in the woods.
  2. Here the state of a site last week
  3. i think a lot of the cause has been the state of the last few jobs we've been on; wetland and i do mean wet, job spec is for super low stumps so it been wet peat cutting with bio oil a winning combo for any saw
  4. mostly been using stihl red oil or oregon oil should i pay the extra and get the swank green stuff? i usually run at 45:1 as a couple of folk have said its better to run stuff a bit rich
  5. my saw has been playing up for a couple of days and I was out cutting today and it just stopped dead after being really sulky. I took the exhaust off and noticed the piston was lightly scored, is this terminal or can it be honed and made good?
  6. That's the puppy regularly use it on all sorts of stuff just been using it to get my reed harvest out
  7. An iron horse would do it by they ain't a cheap investment use mine on peat in the broads and it'll go anywhere I can walk and a few places I'd rather not...
  8. Does anyone know where I can get a new recoil spring for my Honda foreman the main dealer reckons it'll take a week and I've got load of work to do with it...reckon I've bodged it for a couple of days at most any help would be most appreciated
  9. Hi guys my brush cutter has developed an annoying wobble to the engine I've tracked it down to being a loose clutch housing. But the bolts aren't loose I've tried the old favorite of taking off cleaning and putting back on but still loose. It went in under warranty for the same issue but I'm unsure of how it was sorted out any ideas
  10. I'm thinking about building another trailer for my fun bog forwarding jobs, we're usually working on floating mats...it's really fun... but what tyres to use? i'm realistically going to be shifting 2t at most at a go or everything sinks any ideas for tyres to use or sizes, my current trailers run on quad tyres they work but they do pop off the rims quite often when we hit the hard ground and realise we've overloaded the trailer thanks
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/V6-1200M-motorcycle-helmet-Bluetooth-walkie-talkie-Headset-Motorbike-Intercom /272691979929?hash=item3f7db56699:g:HRIAAOSw0hlZJBVf i got a set of these last year reckon i saved the purchase price in a week of no longer having to shout at my deaf colleague over my winch engine
  12. Marsh Monkey


    I cut reed and sedge with a grillo gf4 great machine had it 10 years abused it loads and keeps coming back for more, or if you want a work out get one of these it'll save you about £2900 and you'll look like a greek god by the end of the season
  13. The cutter is less than 2 years old hasn't been used hard for about 8 months. I've been using a metal triblade which looks in pretty good nick. Was using it for 6 hrs each day which I have done before with no ill effects. Was cutting tall reeds so was on full bore thru each sweep with a slight throttle off at end of each h sweep. I'm mainly concerned as I've just got a contract to do a month of cutting don't really wanna ruin my nerves... guess I'll have to bite the bullet and get it vib tested


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