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  1. Hi Lewis I supply reed for thatchers probably your best bet is to speak to a couple of local thatchers and get them to tell you the specs they work to, I know that some of them around me have despaired of getting any good quality local ones and have started using softwood from Travis Perkins. I'm in Norfolk the only Thatcher I know vaguely near you is kit Davis if you want his details pm me
  2. Mine is used for reed cutting and fen clearance in the broads it's got a rice cutting head attached I'm intending to get one made with a band rake for clearing work. I know there is a company In Holland making a machine with front and rear pto but it's then soft track money... And yes a child can operate it...
  3. Leitner LH360, , France - Used snow groomers - Mascus UK WWW.MASCUS.CO.UK Leitner LH360 for sale - France - Engine output: 110 kW (150 hp), Transport... I keep looking at this machine and thinking I need it...but I've run out of room in the barn if memory serves correct these come in at just over 2t but if you loose a bunch of the extra metal work they suddenly weigh a whole lot less If you're interested in one I got mine from Henk de Haan in the Netherlands he's an all round good egg
  4. Oh also I have an iron horse too wouldn't have the guts to run a large flail, they only have 13hp
  5. I had a Scot track, was useless tracks fell off all the time, it's still has drive chains like an argo, but that are really difficult to get to. I'd get yourself a small snow groomer and adapt it. It's what everyone in Europe does...when it comes to working on wet land I trust the Dutch....
  6. You want one of these lower ground pressure than a soft track and you can tow it behind an iveco daily it's a heavily modified prinorth look on mascus there's usually a few floating about for sub 10k
  7. Get some DAB ones... I got a set from clas Olson they are great have Bluetooth in do can answer your phone but they are only 28dB noise reduction so not quite loud enough to be used while brush cutting but plenty loud enough while brash dragging. But I think 3M do a set that are 32dB
  8. awesome thats why i ask these questions, just bolt thru the cross piece straight down into the new support i presume to keep it in place, i'll have a rumage around felled a bunch of alder recently so must have something that'll do the job and not rot under water...
  9. I know you lot love a machine to look at
  10. I got a new toy recently for the Reed harvest, and i have to get over a 8-9m wide ditch, i've previously crossed it on 2 telegraph poles with a bunch of deals laid between them, it'll take the weight of an mf35 and a trailer of about 1 tonne, the new machine is 2400kg unladen do i risk taking it over or should i chuck another couple of poles in if i can get them?
  11. sounds really kinky but i got a latex sprung mattress a few years ago, it did help with the achey lower back, but i fell off a chair just before christmas and it's all gone to sh*te now...
  12. You should try cutting reed this winter... Reckon I've spent more time flooded off than I have working this year. just imported new gear from the Netherlands, I should of got their water management too I reckon. Over in the dry east we're dredging the rivers regularly but it's having little or no effect. Normally we get tidal flooding on the marshes I work for a couple of days a month but this winter from October it's been at a flood level constantly. It was the first time in 12 years my scrub fires in 18inch high trays got put out. Think the sea is just angry with us this year
  13. Definitely going to look into the DIY hose fixers from Whitehouse but rackheath is on my way to work... I'll drop in at hose services in rackheath.
  14. I don't but try big bolt on here he runs holders and has several in various states of repair
  15. Just wondered if anyone knows who is most reasonable in Norwich for pipe repairs got stung for my last repair wondered if there's any recommendations


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