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  1. Does anybody know if someone in Norfolk has a crane fed pro chipper to hire, I've just realised how much I hate dragging brash
  2. i've got a load of thinning work coming up in a load of areas that have been sand pits and quarrys is it worth getting the carbide tipped clearing saw blades or do i just stick to the old method of having 4 or 5 blades i rotate thru the day and sharpen them all when i get home? intrested to hear if anyone has an opinion
  3. Wow we ran 3 555s into the ground in a year on marsh work and I know of at least 3 more doing similar work where the engines have just fallen off I'd stick with Stihl my 410 lasted 5 years on the same job it died trimming someone's lawn tho 😂
  4. Sent you a message with a couple of phone numbers in Steven is an agricultural development engineer who has made most things work that I've broken and always has something interesting In his workshop
  5. try Steven Eyles over in methwold, guessing by your user name your based in norfolk...
  6. Cheers for the help gonna have fun stripping my rubber tomorrow had a quote from Holland for 450 euro I'll try the potato boys Monday, it's on my reedcutting machine it's a converted snow groomer like a pisten bully but old...
  7. Does anyone know where I can get a cog rerubbered if that's even a word... Mine looks like the first image and should look like the second, I think it's aluminium just to make life difficult I can get it done in Holland but would rather not have the hassle
  8. Finally had a chance to start looking at this leaky annoyance just a thought could I use a tank sealant? Saves splitting the saw and of the seal has gone once it'll go again no doubt...
  9. Thanks all my oily balls are thankful
  10. Balls that'll be something fun to play with on a rainy Saturday then...
  11. I've got a 560 that is absolutely peeing chain oil when running, I've changed the oil pump and the pipe into the tank, as far as I can tell they're in properly are there any other obvious things it could be. I've kinda ruled out a hole In the tank as it only leaks when running
  12. I have a Stihl 460 brush cutter that wont deliver full revs when it's fuel drops below a half a tank it's just cuts out. It's got a new fuel filter I can't see and holes in the pipe air filter is clean any ideas?
  13. Can't believe I've only just watched this one wondered who'd done the car park, looks too easy with all the toys...can you make them float? Dreaming of that to feed my scrub fires in the fen..
  14. Hi Lewis I supply reed for thatchers probably your best bet is to speak to a couple of local thatchers and get them to tell you the specs they work to, I know that some of them around me have despaired of getting any good quality local ones and have started using softwood from Travis Perkins. I'm in Norfolk the only Thatcher I know vaguely near you is kit Davis if you want his details pm me
  15. Mine is used for reed cutting and fen clearance in the broads it's got a rice cutting head attached I'm intending to get one made with a band rake for clearing work. I know there is a company In Holland making a machine with front and rear pto but it's then soft track money... And yes a child can operate it...


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