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  1. AndyO

    3120 Value?

    I wonder if they have become like land rover defenders and went up in price now they aren’t being made? I’ve got a 385 from 2001 and it’s the last saw I would part ways with. The build quality seems so much better on the older saws. We seem to wear out 550’s in a couple of years...
  2. AndyO

    3120 Value?

    I did wonder about the the solid nose. Do you find it saps much power/wears quicker than a sprocket nose?
  3. AndyO

    3120 Value?

    That seems a bargain. How long ago was that if you don’t mind me asking? We’re they still being sold new here?
  4. AndyO

    3120 Value?

    Don’t think you can buy them anymore buddy, they stopped selling them a few years ago along with the other 3 series classics like the 395 etc...
  5. AndyO

    3120 Value?

    Been offered a 3120 which hasn’t seen a lot of work. Definitely on its original bar and would not be surprised if it’s still on the original chain! I like my 3 series husky saws and run a 385 but looking for a bit more Hp for milling. What kind of money is in a saw like this? Cheers
  6. I’m sure they could have but when they arrived it turned out there was no CE marking, sound or vibration output data and the owners manual was a photocopy of the Stihl 661 manual minus the logos and data...funnily enough they didn’t even edit the manual from referring to the saw as a 661? There was no way I could let an employee be on the other end of the mill and to be honest I’m fairly keen on minimising my exposure to completely untested machinery too!
  7. Cheers Steve! Thats me and right enough Airdrie is just down the road. I’ll drop the OP a message. I nearly didn’t put a listing up to!!
  8. Managed to get some milling in over the last couple of weeks with our new Panther mill. The plan originally was to run it with two Chinese power heads I bought at the same time but that didn’t work out so it was Husky powered instead. Maybe a little under powered in the 1200mm Oak but it got there and produced 10 giant slabs. It was hard going to shift the slabs onto and off the forklift! The Beech was an awesome surprise. Not as spalted as I hoped but full of flame like reds. Think I have the milling bug in a bad way....
  9. Its still sitting in the box but is a double ended panther mill with 58” capacity. Will get some pictures once it’s up and running[emoji106] Did you do anything special to run the saw in?
  10. I thought that’s what it was! I just got a pair on Friday so keen to see how they go. Planning on giving them a gentle run in for the first few tanks and hopefully have a reasonable service life out of them...fingers crossed!
  11. AJ What saw are you running and how do you find it? Thanks
  12. Cheers for the input everyone. Very much appreciated! Its not going anywhere so have time to do a bit more research and head scratching. Thanks for the offer but I'm in Scotland buddy...
  13. I'm looking for some wisdom... One of the estates we work on has a fairly large Beech tree came down and I'm torn whether to slab it. So my questions are: 1. Is timber of this size approx 5.7m of fairly straight stem and averaging over 1m its whole length in demand and worth the effort not just the milling but all the handling etc? 2. I would need to invest in a chainsaw mill, bar and chains. Are the @PantherMillskits the go to? 3. Is a 661 big enough to make the job not entirely soul destroying? 4. How thick would be ideal to slab it? I have some experience with my Logosol M8 but its only running a 24" bar. I have a Valtra with loader but might need to borrow a bale trailer off of a neighbour to take the full lenght slabs to the yard. Any input is appreciated, cheers!!
  14. Nice looking Fergie! Is that a driven trailer? What is it you like about 2wd in the woods?


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