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  1. Elm dying

    Last I heard was that Brighton had reduced its funding re ded. Not doing surrounding areas anymore and is left to voluntary work for that. But that was a while ago. Someone may know more than me though!
  2. subcontractors in the south east?

    I'm down sussex way if you ever need anyone round there, PM for details
  3. Sony xperia z tough smartphone

    No I'm saying they call it a rugged phone and it isn't. Had the defy for 2 years in back pocket no problems.
  4. Sony xperia z tough smartphone

    just broke the screen for the 2nd time! sony want to charge me 241 quid to fix it! It aint tough dont put it in your back pocket or put any pressure on it its toooooo big. Not fit for purpose
  5. Rapid seasoning .

    due to last years wet weather all this seasons cut and split and undercover in preparation or the rain!!! it's very cool under the logshed roof!!!!
  6. Small mowers

    Hayter seem like the only ones left that are any good. Mountfield are great if you get an old one in good nick
  7. Rock Balancing first efforts

    Day 2 on shoreham beach
  8. Rock Balancing first efforts

    Surprisingly good fun
  9. What do you guys do during the winter!?

    Tree surgery for the winter
  10. New product idea (book) - Feedback please!

    Great idea. What about adding time for pruning specific info?
  11. Your feedback please

  12. Fathers Day

    Glass no 3. Tennis on
  13. Secondary eye protection

    Tet lacrilube from chemists and use it straight away. Mesh goggles are best for me as they don't fog up. Proper wrap around ones better than glasses too
  14. Your feedback please

    But only half as many people!
  15. Your feedback please

    Thanks for all your feedback much appreciated


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