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  1. Victoria is a really nice, slow city....not to mention beaches, mountains, old growth trees surrounding. Work has been a little hit and miss at time, and difficult to predict at times but I'm enjoying the whole thing thanks.

  2. Hi Reg,

    Wouldn't mind having a go at working for a logging company but im working for a company called Windfirm (Windfirm Tree Services Ltd: Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton BC), residential and commercial climbing and falling, gota love these views. I do miss the broadleaf trees though! How are you finding life and work in Victoria? I hear its pretty beautiful down there

  3. Hi George, nice to hear from you. How am I finding it? well that a pretty big question mate, I dunno quite where to start even. You up in whistler windfirming you say? for a logging company?

  4. Helping new members

    Okay okay, so i need genuine help with the site... i'm not retarded but how the hell do i get a picture up (think its called an avatar?), the picture at the side of the screen? Thankyou please! George
  5. Hey Reg, how are you finding Canada?? I've been working up in Whistler for Windfirm for just over a year and loving it, hope the tax and bad beer isn't giving you too much grief! Just thought i'd say hello and wish you good luck in Victoria.


    Keep up the amazing work, take her easy bud.


  6. Good to hear you're thinking of making the move over! I'm based in Squamish in BC where i think the wages might be a bit higher because the cost of living is higher than Alberta, i'd assume that a groundie would earn between 16 to 19 dollars and a climber 22+ an hour, but thats only me guessing.

    The works here in BC is pretty similar everyday, Calgary will have a more varied stock of broadleafs and evergreens, kinda like England i guess. Hopefully calgary would be similar.

    If you're under 30 you can apply for a IEC working holiday visa to give you a years visa which you can extend to a second year if you like. Take your climbing and with you, and you'll get a job with a company no problem. Maybe ring around before you go but i cant imagine you'd have any issues, especialy if you have your cs tickets, arb qualifications and experience.


    Check out Davey Tree as they can sometimes arrange your visa for you, or Bartletts too.


    Good luck dude, let mw know how you get on.



  7. hey george , i hear your working in canada , my girlfriends from calgary and we are thinking of heading back there with her , would you be able to give us a rough idea of standard groundie and climber wages , also is the work quiete varied? and is it easy tom get in with work and visa and stuff?

  8. Canada's an amazing place to live and work, so many positives but you need to be ready to bust your balls and you need the skills to be competent climbing and falling big hairy trees... It's alot more intense than UK arboriculture, like the guys said get a few years experience then try working abroad. You need to offer an employer something that makes you stand out from everybody else, would suck if you turned up to do a job that was out of your limits. Companies like Davey Tree offer 1 year working visas for UK climbers, check them out for Vancouver and Victoria (as well as the states) when you're ready dude. Good luck!
  9. advice on a poplar pollard

    It's awesome to be in the interest of the customer, but as you said... 'its a bit of a mini beast, having had 3 very large lower limbs come of 4-6ft from base in the past. These are clearly decaying back into the base with visual 'white rot' seen thru bark at 8ft.' I think Rupe has the right idea, prioritise safety first and manage the regrowth from the pollard to establish a nice manageable tree, won't take long time wise to look good. It's a poplar so won't repair its wood well, it's had significant branch tear outs and and could be a worry for the future. I know if this was in my yard i'd pollard or remove. Only my opinion though dude, sorry if this wasn't the answer you were looking for!
  10. climbing saw

    We run 16'' bars on the stihl ms200ts, never really noticed the difference between the 16 and the 14! Its great for blocking down softwoods but its more bar and chain to get caught on branches and bits. Swings and roundabouts i guess lads...
  11. Canada Experiences...

    Thanks lads, yea its pretty good over here! Not much work in the winter though, but the summer is amazing. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a break from the UK. Trees are a 'little' bit bigger though! Haven't seen or heard of any horse logging im afraid dude, there's bunch of logging here though... There are a lot of loggers in Squamish, i'm sure a quick email to a company there could give you a better answer. Glad to hear you had a great Canadian experience Chaffey! Ride on!
  12. Hey guys, i'm working in Whistler and Squamish in BC for a local company as a climber and groundsman, only been here since May 2011 but it's amazing. Super hard work but rewarded with unreal views, people and wildlife. Studied and climbed for 3 years in England and wouldn't change it, even though haven't had to limb walk all year! I was just wondering if anybody else had any experiences of arb work in Canada? Had a few crazy tree hippies that got upset we were hurting the dead trees overhanging the highway once...


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