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  1. The winch will lift 800 KG with 15m of chain. park at the timber stack or tree and let the machine do the work. log tongs open to 750cm. it allows opeartor to billet very large logs. Open day this saturday 11th June Home Forestry llp, willowdene farm, Chorley, Bridgnorth Shropshire, wv166pp. more info on website.
  2. if you need one let me know via www home forestry .co.uk
  3. Just sold a rabaud adjustable 8 tonne electric today. quiet quick and built to last. F8 modulable II single phase
  4. yeah if you look at the homeforestry .co. uk website its all on there, ive also got an ex- demo pto model in stock which will be sold with 12 months parts warranty
  5. we sell the rabaud xyloflam 200/250 it will take anything through it probably the fastest and strongest on market 4 power options, pto, hydraulic hose, 3 phase or petrol engine. home forestry
  6. Offer price £13995 plus vat, well get website glitch sorted
  7. prices now on website home forestry you can use as hammers, hammers and blades, or just blades
  8. Its a new product will put the details on our website as soon as i get time. Home Forestry llp Forestry contractoring and machinery Sales you can pm me for prices we are going to do an introductory offer on the first 10 units
  9. Rabaud have launched a 10cm tracked chipper worth a look.
  10. <p>Ment Farma grabs.</p>



    <p>Can you. get hold of inserts for farms grabs and what price.</p>

    <p>Thanks Paul.</p>


  12. Look at the Rabaud Tirmax 4 its run by tractor hydraulics, from 1 spool, it has a 4 tonne constant line pull and uses a chain instead of a cable. A bit different to the norm, but we have supplied one to a local estate and they work it hard. has a 3 way direectional lower blade as well. no need for front pto, just use the linkage.
  13. we have a wood mizer as do many contractors. the timber we are using for firewood is "firewood" quality, low grade cheap knotty stuff. lots of local estates are very interested in purchasing the F80, as they have lots of this size stuff that they have until now found hard to process. I'm not trying to preach that this is the new answer to all your firewood production issues as its not. It can produce a lot of firewood from large timber quick. If thats what your after and you have the timber or can source it then it is a very good option. as processor grade timber gets harder to source, the more diverse the range of machinery able to deal with what's available, the better
  14. he can, if you saw him at the APF youll have seen how. To me there's not point spending loads of time using small timber. Time is getting harder to come by.
  15. when we used it, the operator cross cut for 2.5 hrs, machine was opearted for 2 hours and produced over 30m3 from oversized material generally 450 - 700mm. Dry beech


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