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  1. Whitebeam

    Thanks for your help Steve .... I'm a bit clueless with it. There has been talk of carving a heron into it but I would hate for it start looking like it had had a catastrophic landing !! Need to give them best advice.
  2. Whitebeam

    I've been asked to carve a Whitebeam stump (Sorbus aria) felled last autumn. I have no experience of Whitebeam and when I posted on facebook a couple of weeks back I didn't get any feedback about it. I understand its hard stuff. Does anyone have experience of info or opinion .... bit nervous of being a pioneer !!
  3. Bit of fun

    That's great ... presume you don't have a cat.
  4. New blood!

    Superb job that is ... very impressive to do an oss for your third go
  5. Harry Potter Theme

    That looks great ... well done
  6. Duck

    Even though your comments about the fox were right I think he is good ... character does make you smile. The Duck is great ... I'd be chuffed with him. Sometimes a bit of paint does help.
  7. First owl

    I think you have tried to make your owl too big for the stump you started with. You need a plunge cut to form the tail feathers, but what you have done shows you have good control of your saw. It is much better than my first owl. I still use the drill and glass beads for eyes but Shaun is the man for the right tool .... think I will be hassling him soon. As you said at the end of your last thread keep practicing, and try not to be too hard on yourself (can be difficult) if things don't go quite as you intended. Enjoy it you are doing really well.
  8. Tuffty the Squirrel

    Not much wrong with that ... don't like the paint but its a good pose. My first squirrel looked like the one squished by passing traffic.
  9. First attempts at chainsaw carving!!

    For your first month these are excellent but I think you should do some shrooms and owls. You will probably discover you are already a good carver.
  10. Bird of Prey

    There are lots of things about him that are really good. I think he looks cartoony because the eye cavities are too high ... he needs a lower brow ... I think. The wings are a good shape, maybe a bit thick but if you are going to take your carvings somewhere to sell them a truck full of fragile carvings is a nightmare. The talons are really good. I'm not sure about happy eagles but people do like 'cute'. If you can find a style you are succeeding.
  11. Live raffle results

    Another fantastic effort this year, well done Steve ... and well done all those who donate prizes it is mighty impressive ... and nice to win one.
  12. Wolf

    Superb job
  13. Guitars . Show em !

    I still have ... early 70's Framus Jazz that I learned to play on. My Strat that earned me a living until 1995 and a Takemine New Yorker I bought about 3 years ago to get me to start playing again. It didn't work, I hardly ever pick any of them up these days and I got caught up in the madness of trying to learn bluegrass 5 string banjo! I wish I had some of the guitars I got rid of ... '62 re-issue Tele ... Ibanez George Benson ... Yamaha SG2000S ... Never owned a Les Paul and wish I had but the Strat always seemed a teeny bit more versatile. That Gordon Smith GS1 was a brilliant weapon!! Its great to see everyones pictures ... some beauties.
  14. Spaniel - another one

    Very cute ... can't have too many spaniels.
  15. Spaniel

    Yes For Sale ... PM sent


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