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    A warning to all, be careful about drink driving as we are getting close to Christmas and Police are out there checking on people. Last night I was out for a few drinks. One thing lead to another and I had a few too many cocktails and then went onto the wine. Not a good idea. Knowing I was over the limit, I took a Bus home. Sure enough, I passed a Garstang and Over Wyre Police checkpoint at Barton Grange, where they were pulling over drivers and performing breathalyser tests. Because I was in a Bus they just waved it past. I arrived home safely and without incident, which was a real surprise as I've never driven a Double Decker before and I am not even sure where I got it from.
  2. Funny thing is someone is sat in that box with an axe
  3. I've got a tricky ash tree with a few snapped out limbs over a garage so need an experienced climber or grounds man who can use lowering gear on the ground preferably tomorrow. In the Rochdale, bury, rathenstall area. Cheers
  4. TTP

    2010 Subaru Impreza

    Cheers I'll have a skeet on there
  5. Looking at getting one of these, is there any reason why they are cheaper than the older one? Is it just performance or do they have faults?
  6. TTP

    Yew stump

    So are you wanting a price to grind it out? 😎
  7. It's lower class mate go straight into the buds
  8. Nice job. What was the company? Would you recommend them?
  9. Take it she was sat looking at your computer when you wrote that 😂
  10. Eucalyptus are evergreen that one didn't like its leaves. Have it taken down before it becomes a danger to climb.
  11. TTP


    On the news there were 2 bombs mentioned? One in the toilets and 1 under a seat. Yes fair point they could copy the mark of a dummy bomb but if no dummies missing from lock ups then it'll just be classed as real.
  12. TTP


    I don't know but surely the dummy bombs needed to be signed in and out to stop this sort of thing? And surely a dummy bomb needs some sort of marking to show its dummy like weapons do? And to top it off you'd have thought the bomb disposal squad would have inspected the bombs before deciding they need exploding? No?
  13. TTP


    Me to I think they were real bombs and, A) the football club has the money to keep it hush so business doesn't go downhill. B) government are trying not to panic public about what's really going on!
  14. TTP

    Larvae ID?

    Aren't they caterpillar chrysalis?


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