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  1. I am a greenkeeper and have no affiliation with this job but saw it on the greenkeeper jobs site and thought it might be of interest to some on here Heres the link Tree Surgeon |
  2. parts for john deere r47rkb

    thank gardenkit, exactly what i was looking for
  3. Hi, recently got a john deere roller mower off a friend, it is running but needs some parts to get it all sorted! firstly it needs a new collection bag as my mate misplaced it moving house also the blade disengage doesnt work, looks like there is a spring missing at the front of the mower? and finally one of the drive cables has snapped at the handle i did phone my nearest JD dealer but they were less than helpful when they realised they wouldnt be the ones fitting the parts! can anyone help me with a manual or parts diagram for this mower? cheers Dave
  4. Anyone used a power box rake ?

    Yes, we have one that we used for finishing fairways during construction where i work. Used it behind a john deere 3520. It is a good bit of kit for large flat areas once you get used to it. We found it easier to use with a hydraulic top link.
  5. Help id this saw please

    mine has a 58mm bore, 106cc?
  6. Help id this saw please

    just if you get the chance it would be great. hope everything is ok and in one piece, i grew up on tiree, a small island in the Hebrides and know how bad it can get sometimes
  7. Help id this saw please

    Will do, cheers. Think my nearest supplier is on the way to the monster in laws so will nip out tomorrow and get some
  8. Help id this saw please

    yeah, i was watching the progress on the 'what on your bench' thread last year? and was thinking i should be getting on with mine but i'm getting there now really looking forward to putting it through its paces do you run yours on aspen eddy? think i will especially seeing as fuel lines, carb kits getting done just now
  9. Help id this saw please

    Thanks stihlightning, that would be very helpful to have a copy. This is the first saw i have really fixed (with alot of help from here and the works mechanic) and really got the bug for it now! Think it helps that it is a fairly simply saw though. I had hoped to use it on the alaskan mill but i will be getting some decent av gloves first, i think there was a thread on here a couple of months ago on them so will have a search
  10. Help id this saw please

    that would be amazing if you could send, would have to give you more than that though i will pm you my address the helpfullness of people on arbtalk amazes me all the time
  11. Help id this saw please

    I do intend on using it, but very sparingly. when we got it going today i couldnt keep the smile off my face! the vibes on it are killer though. i have ordered most of the bit i need and theres two top covers ending tomorrow i think. just cant seem to see anything with a clip for the front of the cover Cheers eddy, very kind of you to offer, think it is justthe muffler with the clip i need, how much u wanting for it?
  12. Help id this saw please

    Yeah thats what i did earlier to make me think that there should be a clip on the front but couldnt make out if there was or not? Had another look at the cylinder and couldnt see where it might go Dont know what i'll do with it now? Even looking at new cylinders for it, there isnt a clip on it? Was hoping a helpful arbtalker mght have one so i could see a close up front view
  13. Help id this saw please

    Well dug it out the shed a couple of days ago and took it into work to let the mechanic have a play with it and see if he could get it going. 3 and a half hours later it runs like a good un Now i do have to order a few bits for it, needs a carb kit because one of the gauze bits was soaked in a sort of red paint? it need a new front handle and obiously a top cover. I have found all the bits i need on the german ebay but was wondering if anyone could tell me how the top cover attaches to the saw, there is a clip at the back of the saw but nothing at the front? Does it just slide into the fins on the outside of the cylinder or do i need to find and order another clip of some sort? Any pictures of the front of oneof these would be great. Thanks for the help so far
  14. NPTC v Lantra

    Dont know if i has changed that much since i did my cs30/31 two years ago i was told the training was exactly the same but lantra give you a certificate of training and nptc is a certificate of competance and the additional cost was for the assesment? Might of changed since then though
  15. Not sure on the size of your ditches but this is what my dad got for opening up old drainage tracks on his machair [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YuS2vU0uRg]WP 20120825 182140Z - YouTube[/ame] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w81WJK7sCVg]WP 20120825 182102Z 2 - YouTube[/ame]


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