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  1. Railway climber required

    Mature railway climber required..., Want to join a unique team, good pay. If you want the normal on then this is not for you. Work area at the moment is Midlands predominantly. Steve The Tree Team Ltd 07813 041752 Info@the-tree-team.co.uk Please note; I will not discuss any aspect of this position on a open forum. Please call, email at any time. Steve
  2. charge customer for day with petrol log splitter?

    At this rate, it would pay me to use you!,,,,not saying you're wrong, but I would be £200 plus on a bad day.
  3. Chipper upgrade...

    Purple plasma, made up to order from 'Ruftracks' in Glasgow. This some of the finest no-nonsense stuff available. I run 3 winches on mog., front, back, and on boom bucket there is another. On L/rover I run two., front & rear. Then the Bandit has the one. We do a lot of straight line stuff, but also a lot of redirects and this stuff is great. It is susceptible to chaffing (a bit like us all!) but apart from that is way more durable and less damaging far stronger than steel of the same diameter. We do river extraction would normaly chew our way through steel with kinking and damaging everything it touched been a real pain on and off the drum. This stuff is like soft washing line!
  4. Chipper upgrade...

    Hi Johny..... not to mention the fuel for getting there:biggrin: Again Johny, thanks for helping the family out:thumbup1: Steve
  5. Chipper upgrade...

    We use the winch for any & everything, pulling chipper into position, pulling over trees, dragging, absolutely everything. We have two winches running on some tasks. The capacity of the bandits is such we put stuff through that I like you, couldn't shift by hand. All lines are Plasma, wouldn't & couldn't work with steel in the scenarios we use. This bandit is the 125hp turbo perkins, I get 8 hours chipping @40 ltrs. That is a shed load of work.
  6. Chipper upgrade...

    Hi Grey git & Ty for a couple of years the landy & ifor were the only collection kit, the mog had the bandit which is the 150xp which is just great!.... But as of October we joined forces with another tree business and all the kit came together so we now have allsorts of variations..... Ty for really serious chipping the Bandit is just a pleasure to use. Ours is old, but I can tell you by spending 39k on a new one would not chip any better or quicker. Just buy a decent second hand one.
  7. Chipper upgrade...

    Hi Gray git, untill Ty sends you a photo, this is the TT126 with ch/ plate. Its 7m + but it makes the landy groan when full and acts has a good ground anchor! It holds a shed load, but for site work in low box really can move some stuff:001_smile:
  8. bedford appreciation society

    Only thing that makes me sad is the fact, so have I. The RL were still in use at CTC RM when I joined up and my dad used to buy ex army stock for lime speading in fields in 50's & 60's..... can't remember to go to the loo these day's, but remember this:biggrin:
  9. bedford appreciation society

    come on Andy there's nothing wrong with a petrol RL in a tight space!
  10. Ideal height for log splitting table?

    Hi Jon, its a Penman generator trailer..... one of the first to be released. Complete with disk hydraulic over run brakes. The running gear is all landrover parts. Its brilliant for the splitter.
  11. Ideal height for log splitting table?

    So you are upright whilst working:001_smile:
  12. Scum bags!

    Good job there isn't/wasn't any prohibition on them..... or may be there is!
  13. How Can You Not Love a Power Wagon????

    I took my driving test in one of the 'newer' ones in 1975 as a 17yrs old Marine in BF Gagetown, N. Brunswick Canada. It was brilliant! We used them extensively from 41 Cdo whilst in Canada. There were two for sale on the net just a few months ago, still 'as released' in Yorkshire, should have had one!
  14. Chipper finance companies

    Try Marko at Arblease... These guys are swift, thorough and know the arb finance game!
  15. transit tipper springs question upgrades to 5t ones?

    Yes, I 'm with you! also agree entirely, once you exceed the 3.5 threshold, the choices becoming numerous. Steve


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