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  1. Anyone ?

    Picea breweriana
  2. NPTC Assessor- Edinburgh

    Hello, I am looking for an NPTC assessor to conduct a CS38 assessment in the Edinburgh area. I am just looking for the assessment as I already have adequete training. I can provide a site, LOLER certified kit and second climber if that would make things any easier; I am trying to get this sorted ASAP. I have tried a few local providers, to no avail, so thought I'd try here. So if you are an NPTC assessor based in or around Edinburgh and are willing to provide an assessment only service, please get in touch!! Thanks, Chris
  3. My First ever Climbing job

    Some nice comb-over action in pic two!
  4. What do people do in their spare time ?

    Pleurotus ostreatus (the white/ grey ones) Laetiporus sulphureus (the yellow one) And Ganoderma spp on the beech in the last pics. Looks like a nice spot
  5. What do people do in their spare time ?

    Most of my time is taken up by working, uni, and volunteering. Other than that I enjoy taking photos and walking around in nice places, two hobbies which fit together nicely. Since surgery on my (dominant) left hand I have been learning to write and draw with my right hand. I also enjoy reading and occasionally getting out on my bike. I tried my hand at splicing but that is on hold for the moment. I can also say "Hello" in Chinese.
  6. Confused little nymphs

    The last three pictures there are awesome!
  7. Kew Calling....

    Any luck with the job?
  8. How many US states...

    How many states of the USA can you recall in 10 minutes? Harder than it sounds... I got 39 out of 50 this morning, did have a couple of goes last night though! Have a go and post the results U.S. States Quiz | Online Games & Trivia by Sporcle
  9. My splicing attempts

    Looks good, where does one buy those retrieval shackles? Also how long do you usually make your rope guides?
  10. 100m Blind Redirected Winching

    Nice bit of problem solving well done
  11. First splice with some tat lying around

    It fits perfect though! nice one
  12. wirecore lanyard question

    Awesome tip "squeeze circle" is a memorable term ha ha
  13. wirecore lanyard question

    It's important to remember that if backing up using your main line on a running bowline, should you descend then you will be effectively descending SRT, so you should allow for this in your climbing system. ie your hitch or whatever you use for DRT won't necessarily work smoothly or at all when in SRT mode. An alternative is to use an adjustable cambium saver around the stem, so you can leave your system as DRT, but keep a firm grip around the stem with the cambium saver.
  14. Poplar Dismantle

    Looks like a fun job, what rigging/ lowering system did you use?
  15. General Tree pics

    Random pics


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