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  1. Thanks for that - agreed. The screw itself is an M5 - but that goes into the bit that is now missing. Other suggestions above may work but it's difficult to find 'a thing' that is long enough and to be able to hold into the saw whilst having a thread inside it to bolt to ..like you said easy to see/explain with the saw in hand. Thanks for the extensive reply. Didn't realise that there was so much stuff out there like the inserts. I've had a good rummage around . Something may be useful. Just tricky to get something that covers all bases and is long ( at least 16mm) strong enough.
  2. Hi, I've acquired a 550xp Husqvarna. Lovely saw, in fact it's dragging me away from the 357's I normally use. However the chain brake isn't working due to the damaged raised, threaded plug that sits in the chain brake recess acting as a locking hinge, . I've tried various repairs with different araldite type fillers to 'remake' the raised plug but they only work for a short period of time. I'm thinking the best way of doing it is to drill out the enlarged hole and put in a metal tube with a flange on the exhaust side and put a thread in for the chain brake screw. The problem is I don't have such a thing lying around my shed . Does anyone have such a thing, or direct me as to where I could find one or maybe someone could suggest a better/easier repair. All ideas are welcome. The first two photo's attached show the problem and the last what the actual part should look like. Many Thanks
  3. It's a specimen rhody, not your average ponticum
  4. ecovandal

    Ash Tree

    Hi, I'm due to fell a nice ash tree with an approx. straight length of 30 feet with a DBH of approx. 5 feet. It would be a shame to 'waste it' to logs so I'm keen to see it used. Nice and straight bit of timber - located near Blandford Forum, Dorset. Any ideas ? Regards Gary
  5. Hi - estate worker required for conservation contracting team. General labouring type work. Contact Gary on Mb. 07801133836 for details. Working in the Dorset area
  6. Just thought I'd let you know that grazon 90 is also on the way out. As of november this year it is no longer possible to buy it. It then needs to be used up the following year. What are you doing woth your left over asulox? I can safely dispose of it for you if required. Regards Gary / Ecovandal Blandford Forum


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