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  1. BobbyDee

    Echo CS 501SX

    No primer unfortunately. I blame Brexit and/or global warming.
  2. BobbyDee

    Echo CS 501SX

    Thanks to all. As usual, this morning (after it has been sitting by itself in my garage for 24 hours) it started 2nd pull.
  3. BobbyDee

    Echo CS 501SX

    Could well be only during hot weather, which makes it worse, as to say I get a bit sweaty when fighting this saw would be an understatement. I'm gonna have to show my ignorance here - what's a vapour lock and how do I avoid or remedy it? (thanks for responding by the way)
  4. BobbyDee

    Echo CS 501SX

    Help please. My Echo CS 501SX is an absolute pig to start from time to time. I cannot rely on it as it is inconsistent...eg fired up 3rd pull yesterday and I used it without any problems whatsoever for 3 hours. Today it just will not start and I've been using my CS 620SX instead which has never had any issues at all other than it gets a bit heavy for me for continuous use. My 501 has been like this for some years but because it is inconsistent - finding a fix is virtually impossible as it always behaves when examined by professionals. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. I have the same issue on my CS501. It's a nuisance.
  6. Have now ordered and received the Handy Pro THPLS8TE. It's a beast weighing in at around 110kg which is approximately double that of the Lawnflite version which looks very similar in design. I can't comment on its power yet as it arrived laid flat on the pallet resulting in no hydraulic oil within - it had leaked out. Once I replace that I'll try it out. Thanks to all for the replies.
  7. Unfortunately the delivery charge from Ireland to the UK was high enough to make the overall price uncompetitive...I shall continue my search.
  8. Thanks for that. Now considering the Hartnett 8 ton vert electric splitter. Higher cost but the spec seems very good. Decisions decisions.
  9. No tractor...yet so electric is my only option. Thank you for your input.
  10. Need input/comment/criticisms etc. on this splitter please. Intended use is domestic not professional. I can currently still, for now, manually chop/split OK with my Fiskars X27 however I could do with help with the awkward pieces. Log size around a max of 300-350 mm length. This unit looks like it should do the job and last awhile, it's not the cheapest (they seem to start at £200 for a very basic and probably useless unit) at around £469 but I'm unfamiliar with electric splitters and I'm getting older (67) by the minute and the aches last a while.
  11. Lawn is on a slope and I am 65 years old....that's why I want one, also I just fancy driving one around in my skivvies singing 'Delilah' at some volume. Lawnflite is one that pops up now and again, any good?
  12. Fair enough. Would be needed for a medium sized lawn of around a half acre or so. Size of cut I guess would be around 28" ish. I've been looking at 2nd hand but so far they seem expensive to me for the condition in general so new, up to £2k is probably the way for me. I did consider the Husky TS 138 but the only reviews I could find were not good at all. There are a couple of Mountfield and also Westwood makes in the pot but I have absolutely no experience of either.
  13. Probably not quite the right place but I'm looking for reviews etc on ride on mowers. Are there any discussions on this subject within Arbtalk? If not do any members here have any suggestions/recommendations?
  14. Thanks for this comment. I haven't been able to put my helmet on without laughing since you mentioned it. I may well buy one of these just for the crack!
  15. <p>I have a parts pdf of the MS150TC. If you would like it please msg me with your email address and I'll send it.</p>


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