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  1. Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply on this, perhaps not the most interesting thread on arbtalk. I'll do my research but this all makes a lot more sense than just my mates saying it'll be fine. I'm happy to pay the tax i'm due but don't wanna get shafted just for the sake of it... Maybe an accountant is the way to go.... Thanks again!
  2. Gettin an accountant is definately a good shout. To clarify the van was bought and paid for last june. I will look up capital gains thanks, I did think it sounded a but dodgy, hence the post. As to the weather, its rainin'. Ta for askin'
  3. So, i am self employed and i bought a van this tax year. If i am to put it on through as an expense this year it will put me well below the tax threshold. A couple of people i work with said when they buy something big they split the cost of it over a few years' expenses depending on their earnings each year. This reduces their tax bill each year. (So spreading the cost of a chipper at 6,000, claiming 2000 for 3 years) I expect to earn more next year than this year so it really would make sense to "save up" this expense for next year. Problem is i can seem to find anything on the HMRC website. Anyone got any useful pointers? Cheers (here goes my friday night...) Joe
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    Thanks for all the useful advice. Just booked it for early Jan, I'm not impressed that i'm gonna get done for another 20 notes just to get the card... now fire extinguishers.... If i remember any tough questions once i've done the test i'll be sure to make a note here. cheers Joe
  5. I need to get a CSCS card sorted. As soon as i get it i can be working. A few questions: Any idea how long it takes to come through once you've done the H and S test? and do you need the physical card before you can work or can i start whilst i'm waiting for it to arrive? any idea how how it takes to arrive? And does anyone know of any website or free resources where i can check out some example questions or find a syllabus so i can prepare for it? cheers Joe
  6. I'm based in cumria and keen to do my cs38 so if you find a course that needs filling let me know!


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