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  1. Just to follow up, my wife managed to persuade her mum to talk to the TPO, who visited yesterday and said he'd go and speak to the people planning to do the cutting and advise them accordingly. She asked if some could be cut back a little so he gave her the correct forms and again advised how much. We also took some photographs for the record. Thanks to all who posted helpful replies, i did think contacting them was the right way, but it took some convincing!
  2. Thanks Stubby, we have located them and will ask the question. I personally think this is probably the best course of action and avoids the excretor entering the air conditioning as so to speak that will occur once the work is done. And hopefully offsets any liability!
  3. Why do you think they intend to carry out works? Another neighbour told her they were going to carry out the work because the branches were blocking light.
  4. My mother in law (elderly lady aged 86) has a large oak tree in a corner of her garden, some of which overhangs a neighbouring property. The tree is a subject of a TPO. We have discovered that the neighbour intends to have some work carried out on the tree without consultation. Whilst I know a neighbour has a right to cut overhanging branches, I believe any work carried out on a tree subject to a TPO without proper consent from the district planning authority is illegal. However, I suspect the neighbour maybe hiring 'bodgit and scarper' or pikies to carry out the work. What is the best course of action? (she does not want to go and speak to neighbour for fear of confrontation) Her house is in the UK
  5. Very good for your saw as petrol mix goes off after a few weeks and can harden some rubber. Also helps control my asthma too!
  6. Yes, really good saw there, I'd consider running on Husky power2 which is Aspen with blue stuff in it, expensive but you'll not regret it. Also get a SugiHara bar from Rob D on chainsawbars.co.uk, should cut well on 15" . Nice looking doggies too.
  7. I don't like being lectured about how I should live my life by a bunch of eco hypocrites that fly half way round the globe to cause disruption because it happens to be the fashionable thing to do. They can foxtrott oscar as far as Im concerned.
  8. NFG

    Stihl MS171 Problem

    Clearly, you are treating the symptoms and not the cause of the problem.
  9. How wonderfull to have the opportunity to indulge in the fruits of the forest! So, back on track the 460 is an very good saw, £400 a bit on the high side for 9 YO, unless it's been well cared for and in extremely good condition with some sort of guarantee, only you can decide. One option (suggested earlier) is to use what you have and learn how to look after and maintain your saws, which in turn will return a long life span, I don't think anyones mentioned it yet, but running on Aspen will also help. Then once you know what you really want make the plunge. I much prefer saws with lo tech like the 365x-Torq which I've run for nearly 10 years as a first class firewood saw. the Echo 620 is also a fine saw too.
  10. It's old hat, our TGV trains here travel at 300 Km/hr and I believe there is intent to take that to 360. The old sections of line the trains run at around 200. Pic of accelerometer taken a couple of years ago
  11. If you mean 200 Km/hr. Why so slow? French TGV run at 300 Km/hr on the right track
  12. NFG

    what is this?

    And cost three and eleven a gallon too?
  13. NFG


    Found one in a skip at the dechetterie a couple of years ago, cleaned her up, soaked the chain in oil as it was bone dry, gave the bar a good wire brush off and filled up with fresh fuel. Started 3rd pull, cut quite well once the chain was sharpened. Anyway, a friend was desparate for a saw as his AV38 had siezed up so he uses it for now. The Contra "S" - is that S for stop switch, if I recall?


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