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  1. Taken a few days ago, on return from Les Viviers de L’Ocean at Esnandes, degraded a fair bit as its a 24Mp file reduced to jpgs D750 back with Tamron 24-70 f2.8, minmal pp.
  2. Looks good but why 'tool less' tensioning on a pro saw? Unless its been improved vastly.
  3. Here migrants need to support themselves, until contributed for 5 years, need a translator ? Go and hire one. As for land its all got too expensive, here its around 25 euros a sq metre so a decent building plot is about 25 - 30 K
  4. Yes, written to drum up votes I suspect.
  5. Title: Changing the way your fundamental asset is abused, owned and governed. A vote winner amongst the work shy layabouts who expect everything to be provided for free.
  6. Thats a long one! Last year was amazing for fruit, we had plenty of spuds, harricot beans, peas, leeks a bit wormy, butternut squash - dozens, peppers, aubergene but not so well with carrots.
  7. At a guess, IOS11 no longer supports 32bit apps?
  8. NFG

    £100k Inheritance

    Or you could buy 18,000 3 litre boxes of Roche Mazet Merlot as its on offer in HyperU and...
  9. NFG

    £100k Inheritance

    Perhaps Spud is also a 'hedge fund' manager, there might be some connection there... sigh.
  10. NFG

    £100k Inheritance

    Yes if you grew your own fruit and veg & did the self sufficiency thing to keep out goings down.
  11. NFG

    £100k Inheritance

    Pay some of the mortgage off, if I had one, take a nice holiday & put some away for a rainy day Oh and buy a 395xp & a dolly 420 maybe a chipper too.
  12. Oh that looks nice, sure some one will give £300 i would if I could... Have to be careful what I say these days I think Mrs NFG has an account and maybe stalking me.
  13. Whilst I prefer/like/perv Husqvarna 3 series, the 241, 260, 461, 661 seem fine saws - and a few others, they sometimes go AWOL when a new model is released and takes a bit to sort it. Should all be available on prescription really, much better for you than nasty pharmaceuticals I think Stihls sell well on E-bay because the name is very well known, so they must be good...
  14. Sounds like hes had some of our Eau de Vie!


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