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  1. hitch climber nightmare

    yeah i have heard that it is a good one to start with just wasnt sure if swabish would be better think i will try distel first
  2. hitch climber nightmare

    I havent really had much time to climb recently as im still at college so thinking of trying a different hitch instead of the vt just to get used to the hitch climber, but was just wondering what people would recommend was thinking distel or swabich but if anyone uses anything else i would be up for trying anything tbh cheers guys
  3. hitch climber nightmare

    One little trick i have found to make ascent faster and easier is to attach a tape sling to the bottom karabiner and then to the bridge on my harness and then just pull the tail of the rope. This is also why i would like the hitch to set itself as when i first tried it i had a quick fall to the ground luckily it was on first pull so was only a couple of foot of the ground
  4. hitch climber nightmare

    i think the length of my cord is whats wrong then i tied my own and it is 150cm without the fishermans in it. I think i will shorten it and try the 4 wraps and 4 braids. if i dont get on with that then i will try different cord or hitch. cheers guys
  5. hitch climber nightmare

    hi guys, i havent had my hitch climber long but i have got yale xtc plus 13mm rope with ocean polyester 8mm hitch cord. Im using 8 wraps and 2 braids and i still find i have to set the vt so that it will grip, it also gets quite tight and is a bit hard to descend on after climbing for a while. I dont care about the self tending feature just want it to grip without having to touch it. Anyone have any ideas of what i can do to get it to grip by itself. cheers guys
  6. hitch climber

    ok thanks
  7. hitch climber

    Was just wondering what VT stands for?
  8. hitch climber

    Thanks for the advice and tips everyone i think i am going to defo buy one now
  9. hitch climber

    Hi all, i am currently in my 2nd year of college just passed my CS38 and i am climbing just with a prusik but was thinking of buying the DMM hitch climber set up, HitchClimber Friction Hitch System was just wondering what the advantages of using the hitch climber are over the simple prusik? and if anyone had any vids of them climbing on the hitch climber set up that would be very useful aswell. Thanks


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