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  1. Cheapest way up a tree.. lost quadcopter

    had a company call for drone up tree. SPRA form filled. Method statement filled. Area cordoned off and traffic control. LA notified. 2k ....job done..
  2. World T20 (is brilliant)

    Agree love t20. New Zealand and Windies teams to watch
  3. PL\PI for a self employed tree surgeon

    Insight in Cork Sandyman http://www.insightrm.ie/
  4. Micro arb truck

    .72meters wide goes in tight side entrance. and no lifting ..
  5. just had an ad pulled from gumtree

    Corpsed meself.
  6. how many conifers do you work on

    Bread and butter work. Its not all about big oaks and beech. Getting a lot of eucalyptus lately. the new connie.. €€€€€€€€€
  7. smallest saw for milling?

    Rob at chainsawbars on here is very helpful. I think MS250 is a bit short on power. Chain file angle is 10 degrees.
  8. Ivy ringing what's your best methods

    Small flat nail bar L shaped.
  9. Rip off arbor trolley?

    Yep rip off
  10. Tipper truck or chip trailer?

    Spot on. Transit tipper, with tail lift, covers most options.
  11. Splitting timber

    Cheers for the replays . Thanks
  12. Splitting timber

    What do you use to stop your milled timbers from splitting? Drying outdoors under timber cover. Ta:confused1:
  13. Arb trolleys

    Great bit of kit. Pity it's not less than 2'6" wide.
  14. Spur v Rim for 261

    Just bring back the 260 and forget about all the eco/emmission/noise bull.. saws are for cuttin.
  15. Which Chainsaw do you use?

    sharp saw, and a maul for splitting.


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