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  1. Yeh km is a static line so not really any bounce. Km compared to my tachyon new England was a massive difference. Blue cougar is nice but the bone and my spiderjack and glazed it hell of alot.
  2. I like the km the best mate....I have cougar blue and tachyon ect but I favour km
  3. Just a few of the bone the last year
  4. Hey Gordon, I've been posting some sweet pics of the bone on my instagram now for a while. Had alot of interest and have past on this email address a few time ( Gordonandkathy@aol.com ) hope it's right and your ok with that. I'm not sure if you have instagram but my add is... mike.arborist to have a look at the pics. If not then I will post on here for you. Regards mike
  5. Get on yell.com and send your cv to all the firm's in Lincolnshire. Melton tree services has just took on an apprentice. I'm freelance climber and work for about 12 companies around here, most companies need groundies a day here and there so if they have your cv least then your in there face as such. Good luck
  6. Hello , I contacted you last year twice trying to find out rates or pay and deal with accommodation ect but you never replied to either or you just may not of received the email. Hopefully you will revive this :-) Experience wise I have tickets from 30/31 to 48...also have my swedish rail ticket as I worked there a year and half and been in Norway for a year. Along with numerous other tickets and credentials. Currently in my 12th year of climbing now and also get the Scandinavian way. My email is michael-lawn@live.co.uk would be good to chat. Regards mike
  7. I have had my on kern with the 5/8 bollard and it was slipping....my cougar blue and new England tachyon is sweet with the 5/8 bollard
  8. It slips on the standard bollard on kern
  9. Had mine for a while now it is pretty good...get saving mate lol
  10. Adam how do you compare it to the uni? Never had a blast on a uni
  11. Who u off to work for mate? I'm on my way bk again now. Just take all the moaning n **** off bosses out there with a pinch of salt. They will work u hard...drop us a pm...we're around oslo could meet up
  12. Rich are you out in Norway yet?
  13. 4 seems more appropriate haha
  14. It's nice mate....better than tachyon is my personal opinion. Doesn't bounce as much. It's also really nice on my spiderjack . I prefer it to kernmaster...again my own opinion. All in all Its a really good all round rope. Come to think about it it was slipping a little with that rope when have the middle sized bollard in when all my weight was on it on descent. Think that will be either I need to try larger bollard on loose some timber ha
  15. Couple of pics I found on mine in norway


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