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  1. Glyphosate-what you need to know

    Its a bit like creosote, anything that does any good can kill you!
  2. Show us your log splitters

    Aye its grand on our mf 5445, goes a bit slower on me 390, and now even slower when I have it on me front linkage, but just move lever to pump oil faster!
  3. Show us your log splitters

    Alan Fawcett manufacturing co.! I've got one its brilliant! can stick on big knotty lumps though
  4. Price of Firewood

    Aye its sycamore and a bit of ash, its only really going rotten around the outside, just chop it off, you can get some bad bits, as it has been lying outside in 10 foot logs for the last 3 years! I'm just using fallen wood at the moment but, I think I might have to start buying it in, which could up the price a bit. I was going to plant a ash coppice because it grows like a weed around us, but now with the dieback, theres no point!
  5. Price of Firewood

    Well I have dry softwood and hardwood, they are proper logs but some of softwood as started to go rotten, but hardwood has a bit of mould growing, but will the mould effect the price?
  6. Price of Firewood

    Yes aye, 2.42m3, I wouldn't say its the best, I've seen around, but its not the worst! What do you reckon I should be selling it for?
  7. Price of Firewood

    I am selling 'medium' quality firewood by the trailer load - 2.42m cubed, I'm selling the trailer load for £120, that makes it about £50 per m3, does that seem too much or too little?
  8. Don't worry, I asked my local dealer, he said that as long as I have all the PPE and Public liability I'm fine
  9. Damage to public roads by Artic?

    we had a forest cut down and a bridge collapsed on a small public road which the wagon was using, they couldn't blame us but we had to pay halves with the wagon driver to put a temporary bridge in until the council had time to replace it, it all takes time!!
  10. Well this has seemed to opened a whole lot of cans of worms!!!! Getting back to the original question - I have no training, I am self employed with no employees, I have no public liability insurance yet Can I work on someone else's land? and hope nothing goes wrong
  11. I don't think I will be working on wind blown trees leaning on other trees but ones lying on the ground, whether that reduces the risk in your eyes?
  12. Well I'm not a fan of doing big tree jobs and not a fan of of felling trees altogether!! I just need to cut up fallen trees or bows and if someone asks me to cut some high up branches and I cant get the tractor near then Im not doing it!!
  13. Yes I am self employed, so without training it would be fine getting paid for it


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