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  1. <p>hi john can you get in touch re phones ,thanks</p>

  2. If you currently use one of these desktop software packages or a full blown GIS system. We can provide a compatible Android mapping solution with sub meter accuracy. For more details email sales@how-big.co.uk or phone 07501853219 Regards John Roberts
  3. Tree Names Updated

    The Tree Names app has been updated. More tree species and more tree nurseries added.
  4. Sub meter accuracy on Android Mapping

    Sorry Flash sale is between NOW and Friday 7/12/12.
  5. Sub meter accuracy on Android Mapping

    We are supplying a new version of Cloud1 Android to our Windows software users. It will have sub-meter accuracy mapping capabilities and also we are adding Tree Names to it. To launch the product we are we are having a flash sale on Friday 7/12/12offering Cloud1 for Windows and the Android App and a free one-day training course in the mainland UK for £170. The New App will only be available to Windows software users.
  6. New locating app.

    Good news is you can use it for suerveying because it gives you distance, radial direction and you can input a reference lat and long. So you can even work your way through woodland. If you have a competing android mapping application we can supply a plugin to your supplier. So if you want sub meter accuracy mapping even when the GPS signal is poor, contact you mapping provider and ask for it. Bad news is no iPhone/Ipad version till the new year.
  7. New locating app.

    We have a new Android App that can give you a Geo-position to sub meter accuracy. It combines the phones Gps with other functions on the phone. We area not putting this on Google Play since it is going into other software. But we area offering it exclusively to Arbtalk users for £15. More details from sales@how-big.co.uk
  8. Systems will be down over the weekend

    Just to let people know that we are having a systems upgarde over the weekend. This means that some email and help desk will not be available and response time will be slower.
  9. **Selling Off some of our Android Devices**

    Yes more accurate esspecially if the ground is not level. Would recommend muliple measurements and take average to get absolute best results this gets rid of opperator error. Most common cause of poor results that and poor calibration, so repeat. Sorry for brief response John link for app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.howbig.treeheight&feature=search_result
  10. **Selling Off some of our Android Devices**

    We have contacted all those concerned now and conveyed our apologies. We are in the middle of a major product launch at the moment, and while I did put accross there may be delays due to this we clearly didn't get our message across which is clearly our fault. It doesn't help when things go missing and luckily they were insured. The first of our new products, an accurate (in both metric and imperial) height and distance app went out tonight, with two more to come.
  11. Fetchclimate

    Here are just a few things we have been able to use it for so far. Qualifying the local environment for species choice. Irrigation planning for new landscapes. Estimating mulching rates. Planting density. Growth rates for re-cutting estimations. Estimating growth rates for wood, SRC, habitat regeneration. Estimating growth of pests vs growth of trees. Soil volumes for tree containers. Soil depth on reclaimation sites. And On And On And On
  12. Fetchclimate

    Fetchclimate is a climate database adminstered by Microsoft that we have combined with Cloud1 for Windows you can look at fetchclimate at Fetch Climate You can use it to plan irrigation of trees and new landscapes, use it as part of tree stability analysis, use it to put the right tree in the right place and loads more. We are running a seminar on 11th December in Cambridge (£75 to license holders, £150 to others) to show what it is capable of, but also thought a discusion on it would be good here. Regards John
  13. There is an update of Cloud1 for Android available it now has Heliwell on it and has the colour coding for trees assessed for a BS5837 Survey. The colours are not exact on the Android version just a representation, but when the file is imported into the Windows version it is as it appears in BS5837. You can now load CAD DXF and DWG file into the windows software and add the canopy areas, RPA and marker points. In addition you can add the fencing to either a shp map file or a DXF/DWG for the planning dep. Or you can print out a copy of the map to put into a report (jpeg, word doc, or pdf). All this is automated as much as necessary, so if you are not good with computers, CAD or GIS then you should still be able to get a high quality map output. Windows software still only £200 a license with a free training course.
  14. **Selling Off some of our Android Devices**

    Still available offers over £250 considered
  15. **Selling Off some of our Android Devices**

    Still available any reasonable offer accepted


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