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  1. Art was al tangled up in tree. Agreed with client he could do the cleanup first. Then he got ill, afterwards i broke my wrist, and then we forgot about it😅
  2. thanks ; was not worried about uv since it was olny cannopy reduxion. More about the combi freeze/wet rope.
  3. Due to circumstances i left in summer 2021 a brand new climbingrope and art achor in a tree, wich i recoverd now. Should the gear still be considerd safe? ( seen freeze when wet), kit still looks tidy, ropes souple. The store did not dare to answer. Anny testing methods? thanks
  4. ulefone, built very strong (average phones last 8 months, ulephone 1.5 years min ) now thinking nokia xr20
  5. My 2 boys Both T173 reverse drive and chipped to 220hp. one is fitted with reinforced pto, ( 1000rpm only) mulcher burns standard clutch in less than a day
  6. the welding is just hard facing , i do it on all area's where i see wear. the knive holder is indeed craced due to it being smashed against the counterblade
  7. Anvil was ok , so new bearings and bearinghousing?
  8. ill post some pics , it seems to be flywheel that moves forward for about 0.5cm
  9. My schliesing keeps breaking knives, when i feed a large piece of wood ( 6" or ca 16cm) the blade gets pulled forward and grabs/ smashes the counterknife. Never happend before , now 2 times in a row, bearings should be ok ( replaced 100 h ago) No wobble on the flywheel. distance between knives an counterknives aprox 2-3mm last time the kniveholder sheard a bit of. anny tips / ideas? thanks
  10. i have found my old airstreams more dureable , my last 2 pairs didnt last that long. Seems like quality went down. Anyone else has this?


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