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  1. sawingbelt ; touriquet , israelibandage , celox granulate ,celox gauze klimbig tourniquet , israelibandage, celox gauze these are intended to use in the fist seconds both kits have leatherman raptor inside jeep/tractor/truck ;full medical kit; bandages more celox , chest seal, thermal blankets,marker for writing on tourniquet,basic med kit for scrathes and burns ,flares for signaling helicopter/ambulance !!everything has big label with 112 on it!! im trained firefighter and have basic med first responder skils so i know how to use it all also practice don't wait till u need it write down nearest adres jou are working when somting happens we all panic setup is for chainsaw wounds (massive bleedings and big nasty wounds)
  2. XP or XPG 550 or 560 Husqvarna?

    didn't read all the previous , have them both ; they both rock. If you go vor just one take 550 more slim and lightweight. have demo'd G versions of 560 ; its nice but it can brake ,so no thankx.
  3. forestry mulcher

    no , never seen one over here. don't even know where the nearest dealer is.
  4. jo beau m500 belt tension

    its in dutch mine has 350 hours on clock and didn't do any retentioning since new
  5. forestry mulcher

    any thoughts on tmc cancela? they claim to be more robust than FAE
  6. New 661or 395xp ?

    So true
  7. forestry mulcher

    Zo fixed hand swinging both Get the job done, even as fast? Only maintainence cost of swinging Hammer is higher? Would Ben a full day a week for a Local firm
  8. forestry mulcher

    budget around 23.000 Bpound use 1 day /week i consider one that is 2meters wide =6.5 feet (working width) what is the main difference between fixed hammers and loose? ( advantages /disadvatages) do loose hammers get the same job done? are they slower /faster? chaeper/more expensive in maintence? etc not planning to go deeper than 2 inches in ground so i would say above ground level for stumps i have a stumpgrinder so i dont worry about that thanks for the info so far
  9. forestry mulcher

    Im not from THE uk , im from Belgium so apart from dealer choice there is no. big differente between makes as :fae,Tcm cancella, ahwi,seppi,.....??????
  10. forestry mulcher

    cant find the edit button, forgot some things it is for pto use tractor has 140 HP usage : mainly landclaering
  11. forestry mulcher

    Don't know if this is the right place; im planning to buy a forrestry mulcher what should i consider what make pro's and cons thanks
  12. Ifor Williams/Other Trailer with Hi-Ab built on.

    maybe its a bigger number, only gueseed its a 1500 palfinger dealer nearby tested the crane with calibrating weights , he said it lifted 500 kg (not bought there)
  13. Ifor Williams/Other Trailer with Hi-Ab built on.

    nope still in safe lifting range (diagram on controls )
  14. Ifor Williams/Other Trailer with Hi-Ab built on.

    here you go , still tips no action pics found
  15. Ifor Williams/Other Trailer with Hi-Ab built on.

    i have palfinger crane istalled (pc1500) on an ifor t128 tipper powerd by 5.5 hp honda it works fine however woulnd do it on tiptraier again rear axle of jeep and frotaxle of trailer get overstressed. crane lifts 500kg at 6m (so pics up any log in reach i intrested i post some pics


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