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  1. Hi Michael, Its all a matter of watching the wood as you work it, there's no way of explaining what you are doing right/wrong when cutting into it, you just get used to cross cutting it. Tension /compression works in many different ways dependant on how the tree is sat, where its sat etc, the best thing you can do is cut little and often always watching the woods reaction with a need to get your saw out as soon as it starts to close up on you. It will come with experience fella.
  2. Id say an aspen, very similar to pop[ tho :?
  3. I wouldn't put your chains below pal either
  4. landfill strip topsoil off and sell it, then bank it up and fill it in
  5. can you include a search thingy that as a new thread is submitted, as you type in your title of your thread it comes up with results of previous threads to reduce threads being repeated over and over etc if anyone understands me? like google search bar or you tube as you type, it gives you examples of things already on there and could direct you to them first?
  6. cut the end off a piece and sprinkle chain file shavings on it, if it oxidises and turns the grain purple then most prob oak or sweet chestnut but deffo looks oak to me
  7. yikes just spoke to kaaz from ebay £71.00 +VAT wish it hadn't got broken now
  8. I hoped that were the case otherwise id be thinking how on earth is mother nature shrinking a mature oak as its growing
  9. geeze I feel old hearing that, im 26 and climb on prussic still.
  10. I heard him say that so I suppose you mean if the whole stem is decaying as in a dead tree, not a tree with the ingress of decay into the heartwood with healthy sapwood as surely the girth of the outer sapwood wouldn't change?
  11. Just watched a chap measuring the girth of an ancient sweet chestnut. He stated that the trees girth had increased 10 cm in 10 years but also stated that the girth of ancient trees can often reduce in size over the years?! Personally never heard of this so has anyone else know of the girth of a tree trunk reducing over years?
  12. brill, thanks for that will have a look for them now
  13. hi all, im after a chain brake/sprocket side cover for a 262xp I own. Ive looked high & low and thought I found one on ebay from the States however its arrived and doesn't fit although its clearly advertised for a 262xp.:cursing: any ideas where I may find one bar our local dealer who I don't like using unless a last resort!
  14. Adlington Hall? The Hunting Lodge? I always dream of super barn dry wood like that every time I drive past
  15. when we built our chip boxes we were going to go high for stacking in hedge cuttings etc, but then thought against it as we would end up filling it to the top with chip and then something would snap.lol Ps u must be a tall chap to reach them ladders without needing a set to reach them.
  16. jeeze get some chip in that meode, its like a block of flats! good job on the fab
  17. bandit hb19 is the best "small" machine around, as mentioned above you can tackle most sized stumps with relative ease and the hydraulic drive takes the maul out of pushing it around! relatively cheap maintenance costs, bearings and belts economical when time comes to replace, with cheaper finger teeth. Also only 33" wide, will go comfortably through m ost domestic accesses


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