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  1. I am the landowner ! Its my back garden and play area! And the team is doing a grand job. The site was FC owned until i purchased it 10 years ago and was regularly thinned and looked after. The stand was planted 58 years ago on ancient woodland site. The soil is thin over a bed of stone so ground is not being churned up. As i eat my breakfast the guys are cutting and the tractor is at work, a bit noisy but nearly finished. The site is being left tidy with very little compaction. Sun shining since they started, so every one is happy. One other contractor gave me a price using a harvester but with our calculations could get more out of it with J.
  2. For painted windows look into using Linseed Oil paint, modern paints are really useless. Google it and do your research. Kiln dried Sapele will move around a lot so beware, iv'e been back to doors and windows 3 times where they have expanded and stuck in the frames.
  3. MST Auctions Dunkeswell East Devon. Some interesting stuff Woodmizer Mill, Hakkie Pilke processer, Kindlet machine, Timber Trailer, 15T winch and Loads of stock.
  4. On the survey, the where you live section their is no east Devon listed in fact nothing near to me !
  5. I remove all the expensive stuff from my van at night, all thats left inside is general carpenters stuff value around £50 and leave it unlocked. I would rather have them open up and take that than have to fork out hundreds to have doors replaced. I used to have the workshop alarmed but after several 2 in the morning false alarms i disarmed it, living where i do in the middle of a wood and 1/2 a mile from road or neighbour i thought going out to investigate was crazy, what would i do if i came face to face with a thief who would not think twice about putting me in hospital.
  6. Hi BigJ all sorted with extraction. Thanks Slack, keeping saw logs for myself.
  7. As title just trying to find out what to charge for this load of 40 cube of softwood roadside. 3/4 Spruce / 1/4 Douglas all 3M lengths. East Devon with good access to A30. Have a buyer lined up for this load but lots more to come out, if anyone interested let me know.
  8. Yes agree not that helpful, science is what you need to convince the customer. The problem is that a lot of people don't burn hot enough and that is what causes the problems with tar in the flue. The only way to tell if you are burning correctly is with a flue thermometer, I will explain this when delivering logs to a new customer. The number of times i have been working in a customers house and the woodburner is slumbering all day and night, and again having to tell them how this is bad practice.
  9. Another thing Big J when you do get started contact John Greenshields he runs the Blackdownhills Woodlands Association look him up on his website. He knows most of the woodland owners around the area and a good contact for you.
  10. Hi Big j. I could give you plenty of work with mobile milling, shame your not bringing your mill down with you, but not with extraction as a mate does all of mine, if that changes i will defo get in touch, Honiton area so close.
  11. Run mine off a vintage MF65 (don't know the rpm) for the last 20 years do about 12cube a year no problems. Good idea to run some string to the kill switch just incase of any problems. Usually know when its going to flip, happens very rarely.
  12. A'm i doing something wrong ? On the old site everyday during breakfast i would check out today's posts which where set out with easy to see titles, i would hover over the title and it would tell me what it was about. If it looked interesting i would open it and follow the topic. With 1 click i'm reading the post. Now i have to go to " my activity streams " then to " today's posts " then " condensed ". Then scroll through the posts. I can't find out what the posts are about before opening and lots of the post are "so and so has replied to so and so's topic". I can see the need to keep updating a web site to keep up with mobile devices etc, but what was once enjoyable has now turned into frustration ! I'm getting the hang of the rest except for this !
  13. Hi Roys Since posting i have found out they are available from the Country Stewardship Scheme and open to appplicants from October and close March the following year. Yes lots of paperwork involved. Just done a management plan for the F C and that was confusing enough. But hey ho every £1 is worth the trouble !
  14. Got lots of rodi in my woods Where to apply for a grant to clear ? What sort of money is available ? Thanks for any replies.


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