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  1. Gray

    Conifer Removal

    Thumbs up dude 👍 sent from my nipples
  2. Just go to the makeup drawer and say oooo you don't need these expensive ones, I'll get you some from the pound shop next time sent from my nipples
  3. Nice job buddy 👍 sent from my nipples
  4. Lol, they're always on there,and they are crap. I have the same issue on this forum when a bunch of over qualified jobsworth /arborist's like to better each other on the correct /legal 😂way to climb cut or whatever, leaving the poor inexperienced chap who asked for advice bewildered at how he started a gentleman's bickering thread when all he wanted to know was how to log down or summat 😂. By the way, anyone got any advice on how to do a front flip from branch to branch, I can only do back one's while holding a 201 one handed😜. sent from my nipples
  5. Nah, I just do a few thousand trees a week...... Plenty dollar 😋 sent from my nipples
  6. Just clean lol,sometimes it's the crap in conifers or ivy, but every time you sharpen oregon great chunks of the stuff come off sent from my nipples
  7. I only can comment really on my 201 chain cos that's my saw,one stihl chain will last me 6mths but oregon will pretty much be done in 2 weeks. Not the design really, just the cheap softer compound sent from my nipples
  8. Tirol fighters. The manufacturer makes GTX's aswell but I had the Tirols and they were epic for temp, cool in summer warm in winter and bombproof sent from my nipples
  9. Gray

    What spikes?

    Bashlin alloys with big buck pads from Wesspur, so comfy and the gaffs longevity is amazing. Somethings the Americans get really right👍 sent from my nipples
  10. Gray


    Feel your pain dude,but I promise you there's better to come. [emoji106] sent from my nipples
  11. Gray


    I know mate...I'm charming, good looking, sensitive yet strong... a real catch :-) I'm like the milk tray man, James bond,Prince charming, Hugh jackman, farther Christmas and God all in one package, She was just an angry dwarf with a sweetcorn hangin out her crack :-D sent from my nipples
  12. Gray


    Can see your point dude,but you misread that bit lol, woman fair...eventually becomes ****....jumps fence for greener grass......man lost:-(.... Time goes by.....woman's new grass was rotten(karma:-D) .....man finds ultimate babe "sex sex plenty plenty boom boom go go go";-)..... And the result is a superior stronger faster happier climber:-) sent from my nipples
  13. Gray


    Just a quick mention, the past few years I've been browsing and sometimes commenting on this fantastic forum, but alas in that time I've also gone through a divorce from the most hideous soul sucking woman type she beast on the planet. And through all the many many sleepless nights of horror knowing she still breaths ,there's one thing that has helped me get some shut eye...... The boredom of reading posts and replies(not of everyone but) of the so called "no it all god like arborist's" that like to correct everyone and get all moist at the mention of a smooth Cambium. Thanks "true arborist's" for you have kept me sane in those difficult times:-) I'm married to the most beautiful gorgeous kind hearted woman now so back to reading posts for fun:-) sent from my nipples
  14. Gray

    Climbing helmet

    This is mine,hydro dipped :-) sent from my nipples
  15. Very good team work, I love crane jobs :-) sent from my nipples


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