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  1. born2trot


    I watched a short documentary on Win Hof just the other night . Didn't know about his breathing techniques but came across it through cold therapy techniques and in my instance cold showering . I did this all last summer and felt great , no muscle soreness , quick recovery times , good for the brain etc Combine this with good diet and breathing techniques I reckon this would go a long way into feeling good again ...
  2. born2trot

    Lunge thread

    Wasn't Airstreams , must have been woodwalkers ..
  3. born2trot

    Lunge thread

    Same here Meindls were very comfortable but terribly cold feet in winter , never again ..
  4. born2trot

    Horse Drawn Forecart

    The late Charlie Pinney was the guy that designed the hitch cart here in the UK , his was green and black to if i remember . Don't know if someone else took over the patent , sorry I can't be of more help than that ..
  5. born2trot


    I certainly wouldn't LAMBast you for that mate 😀 Seriously that's amazing work
  6. born2trot

    Gaining Experience in Scotland. Any advice?

    Scotland not having it's own dropdown on arbjobs is of no significance at all , just narrow it to UK and check regularly if your serious . Between this site and arbjobs you will definitely get jobs coming up regularly . I was 34 when I started in 2003 from Kilmarnock and still will outgun alot of the whippersnappers . Best of luck
  7. born2trot

    who uses the Haas Velox ?

    Been working next to a guy using this along with the HH . It's the best set up I've came across so far . Without doubt my next purchase when I can raise the cash
  8. born2trot

    Crane MEWP or Climb?

    Loads of space for a big mewp to , couple good guys in the basket cut and Chuck , no problem ..
  9. born2trot

    SRT devices.

    RADS is very slow and still takes a bit of effort despite the mechanical advantage . You lose all benefit of 1:1 srt in a rads ascent . The grigri is a super piece of kit don't get me wrong but only as a progress capture device and direct unobstructed descent tool .It's not designed for tree work , just my take on it ..
  10. born2trot

    Trump Petition

  11. born2trot

    mistletoe management

    I don't think the trees are necessarily under stress . During a typical crown care job we will typically as you say remove the heavy ball ( very heavy even ) and deadwood . It's very abundant in Austria especially heavy on the black hybrid pops and Acer . The trees are otherwise healthy . But I think a heavy infestation on an already stressed tree could see it's demise . The large bulbous callous which appears at the base of the mistletoe I'm not sure if this is the branch compartmentalizing it or whether it's a sugar source , I would be interested to know to . Easy to see why it's been a symbol of vitality , virility for a long long time ..
  12. born2trot

    Pigeon stops tree removal

    Hey just make one thing quite clear hear , I DID NOT accuse anyone on here of being a retard , please read the post correctly ! We all use terminology sometimes in the heat of the moment and I apologised subsequently . The fact you say you are a country sports person what relevance is this to the OP's post ? As for your other rediculous conclusions , topics get debated on here sometimes quite aggressively , passions run high and things get said out of hand but should stop at the point of becoming personal . I have never once been cautioned by a moderator and that's the way I want it to stay . Have a good day ..
  13. born2trot

    Pigeon stops tree removal

    Think the moderators should knock you out mate . The fact is putting wildlife through chippers and stumpgrinders is unacceptable from a professional point of view and doesn't make you more of a man .. What sort of example do you give out to members of the public reading this ?
  14. born2trot

    Pigeon stops tree removal

    Sorry in this instance I'm referring to the cruelty and wrong to quote these people as retards . Maybe could have thought of something more appropriate but can't think of anything . As for people putting wildlife through chippers , well each to their own , who cares , go for it , high fives and all that ..


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