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  1. As others have already said, I’m not condoning the repair of aforementioned component just how you go about identifying the correct size tap...
  2. Yes, outside diameter of the bolt thread then measure the distance between the thread (peak to peak)
  3. Think the thread is either M12x1.25 or M12x1.5 on the calliper carriers. Have you got a vernier to measure the bolt? Some of the bigger vw use M14 also
  4. You won’t get any better finish if you’re using hyper skip chain,doesn’t make any difference how you sharpen the cutters. If you worried about the finish you’ll want to use a full comp chain for the best results. Only time I use hyper skip is if I’m cutting boards that are gonna be ripped down and put through a thicknesser after.
  5. I’m interested and about 20mins away from Exeter. Will pm you.
  6. If you’re going to get the big shot get the 8ft (2x4ft poles) I’ve got the single 6 ft single pole and basically it’s not long enough.
  7. I have this harness and the attachment points your referring to are near impossible to access with a karabiner, especially if you’re gonna be using the main side D’s. I had never even seen them as an attachment option until you posted this question. So if you’re thinking of purchasing this harness on the idea of using these attachment points regularly I wouldn’t. The harness itself I really like.
  8. Please post or pm more info. What size logs you have? Amount? How do you want it cut? Boards? Beams? Etc etc, thanks
  9. Poor colour coordination with the ear defenders, blue clashes awful with orange
  10. Out of curiosity, what actually causes that ripple?
  11. The pulley saver would be different to your current fixed ring set up.I use a ART rope guide which is brilliant and would be worth considering also. I've not tried the multi saver but looking at it I would imagine it would feel similar to your treehog to climb on but someone else might have other opinions.
  12. That's what I'm leaning towards tbh just wondering if people have a preference on cut speed alone? Can't imagine it being much of a difference on a 15" bar anyway?
  13. Anyone running both models?Is there a noticeable difference in cutting speed between the 3/8 and 325? looking at running either a 560 or 562 on a 15" bar 90% of the time but the larger mount would be useful the odd occasion for larger stuff, I've also already got bars and chains to fit larger mount.
  14. Tyz05

    Ticking Hilux!

    Check one of the injectors haven't come loose, injector seals, d4d engine I've seen the bolts undo under the rocker cover. You might see the plug on top the injector twitching when engine running if really loose.
  15. 390 395 and 3120 I've heard, but as has already been said, would appear there's gonna be no replacement models for some time. Just ordered a 3120 for milling and was told stocks are running low already.


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