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  1. You haven’t said how you cleaned the filter, I’d be looking at the filter again, I’ve had stranger things happen. The old Massey strainer filters cause problems if you clean them with diesel or petrol (I forget which) I just use the pressure washer and air line now. It’s might not be air entering the system,rather oil not entering the system. Good luck, let us know what you find
  2. Was it ok before you cleaned the filter?
  3. What did you clean the filter with? And I’m presuming it’s a metal gauze with no material elements? Diesel and some solvent, detergent cleaners can cause problems (don’t ask me how) wash it out with a little fairy liquid and hot water and high pressure air line to dry it.
  4. I look after a couple of disco 3’s and 4’s and battery related faults crop up quite a bit, faults ranging from bad connections, faulty alternators even including one occasion when a battery failed while driving leaving the young female occupant trapped inside the car unable to unlock the doors or open the windows to escape in the middle of the road at night with no lights. You’ll probably find it has recorded a fault on the ecu when you’re old alternator gave up, unfortunately this will need diagnostic machine to delete. Check the charging at the battery with a multimeter, I have know people have issues with “cheaper” replacement alternators. Also check the wiring at the alternator hasn’t rubbed through the insulation.
  5. Where abouts in the country are you roughly? Try posting some pictures here if you can.
  6. No worries,I got mine back together ok.
  7. I’ll try pictures in a bit, I’ve just popped the safety trigger out the top for now. Looks like the end of the cable ( inner cable) located in the underside of the white plastic cam mechanism that pivots at the top pin in the rear handle. Hope that makes sense. The end of the outer cable locates in the front of the trigger
  8. I’ll go have a look at mine in a bit
  9. Have you considered a chainsaw mill for anything that can’t be moved with machinery? Even if you cut it down into manageable sizes to extract with machinery.
  10. When you say you have cleaned the carb what exactly have you cleaned? And how?
  11. I’ve found the same, to be fair I’ve not made much of an effort to follow up. I just put the patchy communications down to the festive period and resulting backlog of enquires etc.Theres no real urgency regarding my enquiry and I’ll try to contact them again in a week or so.
  12. Where abouts are you Alex? Looks like Windsor? I’ve got friends at Lower Portland they reckon the smoke hasn’t cleared for a month... bad times
  13. Probably screwed on 3/4 UCC aluminium filter head? Fleetguard HF7983 JCB 333/C4690 Edit probably not big enough thread for your application looking at it again
  14. As others have already said, I’m not condoning the repair of aforementioned component just how you go about identifying the correct size tap...


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