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  1. Hello Ya'll, i have finished the second sculpture from the "Silenced series", it is made out of Nord-French oak, alumium, lead and copper, it is 2m30 tall. Greetings Andy Deschacht, Belgium
  2. Hello y'all, i have made a new sculpture, it is called "Silenced", the whole idea begind it is that people troughout the centuries, have been silenced by other people with more money or power. The sculpture is almost 2m60 high and is made out of Nord-French oak, alumium and copper. This is a series of 4 sculptures that i am making. Greetings Andy deschacht, Belgium You can see more of my sculptures at my blog Andy Deschacht Wood Artist
  3. thank's for the good replies guys, appreciate it a lot. @chunkymunky; i got rid of the old lady, so i can sy no more problems for now @likeitorlumpit: for now it's labour of love, but never know what's happening huh? The sculpture is gonna be presented in a park of the city I used to live in. @dervishcarving : i'm glad to be back. greetings andy
  4. Hello everybody, i know it has been a while since i last attendend the site, but i was working on a large project, and also had some personal problems, but the main thing here is that i'm back right? I present you Joris, he is 2 metres tall and made out of nord-french oak, it took me about a 1000 hours ( yes that long ), to complete. I roughed him out with the chainsaw and all the rest was done with chisels, etc. You can find more pictures from him on my blog Andy Deschacht Wood Artist greetings andy from belgium
  5. thank y'all very much for the nice comments, it took me 60 hours to complete it, i had only rough carved it with the chainsaw and done the rest by chisels grts andy
  6. hello everyone, this is my latest creation, hope ya'll say what you think about it grts andy
  7. you should it is awesome grts andy ps doesn't the water remains in it when it rained, or is it an inside piece??
  8. that's very nice man grt andy
  9. like the detailing and the whole concept, very nice work grt andy
  10. love your work, Kim. outstanding job grt andy
  11. thanks, but i must say it's not my best one grts andy
  12. This one is just finished, i made him for a farmer, who i got some poplar from, so i returned the favor and made this little farmer for him. It's about 1m25 high and i made him with the chainsaw, chisels and sanded it down. And finished it with xyladecor grts andy
  13. very nice work Armin, i like it alot grt andy


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