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  1. Very confused, any ideas?

    can you post a pic of the part your after? i may have one kicking about. but it dosnt have a part number on and its deffinately of a stihl hedgecutter, I had a hs60 as my first cutter and it was parted out but cant remember if this part is off it.
  2. What's on your bench today?

    Could be that the piston is worn. Worn piston skirts cause fuel to come back through the carb.
  3. 357xpg starting problems

    Yup, thats your problem, new piston kit required and a little bit of work on the cylinder.
  4. What's on your bench today?

    What happens there then? Do they back down or still insist its because of your service? We once had a kit for testing the fuel that was in the carb to see if it was 50-1 mix.
  5. Husky 254xp flywheel

    Ditto, the amount of people that think the key is used to drive the flywheel astounds me, aslong as the mating surface on the crank and flywheel are clean and the nut is correctly torqued it will work exactly the same. The key is only used for alignment.
  6. MS200T Cylinder

    Will they be backwards engineered chinese crap?
  7. MS260 engine rebuild kit

    I once bought a 026 clyinder and piston kit from the a seller on ebay uk who is based in hong kong and the quality was horrendous, very poor castings, the machining was as rough as, and the spark plug and decopm threads were well oversize. I would never buy an after market mechanical part again. Wouldnt even use their gaskets and crank seals either.
  8. What's on your bench today?

    Just picked up a box of 024 026 bits at carboot sale, only wanted the top cover and air filter cover, all the rest was nuts, bolts an cobwebs. Get home and have a proper look and there are 3 good condition used cranks, How do i tell if these are 024 or 026 cranks?
  9. Customers!

    Some customers have 2 new cars on the drive and F**K all in the fridge. Keeping up with nextdoor.
  10. Customers!

    Some customers have 2 new cars on the drive and F**K all in the fridge. Keeping up with nextdoor.
  11. What Compression tester

    For two stroke engines you need one with a schrader valve in the end (exactly like the valve in a car tyre) you cant use 4 stroke compression testers on 2 stroke machines.
  12. 660 woe

    When it wont start and is hard to pull over, tip the saw on its end (bar nose down) does fuel run out of the exhaust?
  13. Thieves in the night.

    Have you got the serial numbers written down? Because if the police do find them they sure as hell wont let you have them back with recognising the wear and tear as idenification. Happened to one of my customers previously, had to be serial numbers.
  14. What's on your bench today?

    Stihl 024 that apparently "worked fine when i put it away last month". But for a tenner from the local car boot im not bothered, just wanted the carb, exhaust and recoil housing for an ongoing project.
  15. Agricultural Occupancy condition

    A couple i know were intresed in buying a house with the same, they enquired and were told by someone in the planning offices to buy 7 chickens and sell the eggs at their gate. This would qualify them for Agricultural occupancy.


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