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  1. check the spark plug for oily black residues
  2. you could try this headnet Midge / Mosquito Head Net Protection from Life Systems shop is in warrington so not too far from you
  3. How far have you ran/cycled/swam today?

    1.5hr run through woods, hills & fields
  4. Fitting a log burner

    same here, been quoted £2k for supply & fit log burner.
  5. soaked chainsaw trousers - whats best?

    I use this stuff made by nikwax, it doesn’t make them waterproof but it does increase the water repellency of the fabric meaning they take longer to get wet, absorb less water and dry out quicker. Nikwax TX Direct Wash (1L) - Keep Garments Waterproofed
  6. guess the height

    38' 6"
  7. CS30 and 31 in the bag....score : )

    congrats, well done !!!!!!!!!!
  8. Long reach

    Tanaka !!! me too
  9. How far have you ran/cycled/swam today?

    A mate of mine changed his gait to improve his marathon times and reduce stress injuries. He focused on his running style for around 6 months before it felt more natural than heel striking but also increased his cadience and knee lift. I would imagine professional athletes cant afford to miss a footwear endorsement opportunity but I am old enough to remember Zola Budd
  10. How far have you ran/cycled/swam today?

    Christopher McDougall | Born to Run | National Bestseller read the book "Born to Run", a classic for any running enthusiast
  11. How far have you ran/cycled/swam today?

    forefoot running is a natural gait style that humans evolved over thousands of years but was undone by sports companies over 30 years ago as they wanted to sell runners expensive shoes and turn them into heel strikers. If in doubt go down to the beach or local field, take of your shoes and have a run - bet your gait is forefoot strike as its painful to heel strike with no shoes on. The key to changing to forefoot running (natural gait) is to gradually reduce the thickness of shock absorber in your running shoe as this will lessen the chance of injury whilst switching gait

    <p>Hi again Paul,</p>

    <p>Came across this team the other day, not sure if they are hiring and I don't know them personally but it might be worth you contacting them to see if they have any opportunities. </p>

    <p><a href="http://www.davidridingltd.co.uk" rel="external nofollow">Tree Clearance, Site Clearance, Land Clearance, Japanese Knotweed Removal</a>.</p>

    <p>Good luck</p>



  13. How far have you ran/cycled/swam today?

    Had the week off training due to viral infection and sore throat but went out this morning for 16 mile run along the Leeds/Liverpool canal - Frosty
  14. How far have you ran/cycled/swam today?

    too much frost round here for bikin this weekend so it been running all weekend friday 6.6 mile fell run sat 7 mile fell run sun 18 mile road/trail run
  15. How far have you ran/cycled/swam today?

    new year and new goals, thought I'd kick start this thread again to see what everyone is training towards, so lets have it - what are your training goals and training sessions Me - depending on work and moving house I'm training for the Outlaw middle and full distance triathlons and to help training partners with similar goals todays session - 40 mile road bike with hill reps, 6 mile brick run


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