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  1. grounds man with chipper required canock area

    Hi, Give this man a call Matt Burton on 07931200006. He's based in derby I'm sure he will be able to sort you out for the right brass.
  2. Climber/groundie with tow behind chipper or stumpgrinder

    Cheers Matt for the hired help this weekend very professional Would recommend Your services to anybody be in touch soon thanks again.
  3. Tinker,

    How are you,me old cocker?

  4. Steve,

    Have you got Tom 20/20 website address please.

  5. Changing 3/8p to .325 on an ms250

    Hi, For the amount of cost chain/bar/sprocket etc. You might be better to upgrade the whole saw,to a more pro machine.
  6. Stump grinder rental midlands?

    Hi Martin, Please could I have your details in a pm,have to stack stump work up to make it worth while.Interested to know your rates as treading the same turf kind regards.
  7. Man vs food

    I'm sorry to say that i to dabble in the dark art of power eating,and also proclaim to be quite good at it.But they don't look that big.
  8. happy to climb this?

    Rap it in det-cord!
  9. Are you ex-military?....no not one of Steve's polls!!

    Seven years in the Mob 87-94 and still miss it.
  10. Climber lifespan

    I take my hat of to you kind sir.
  11. Potential Climbing ''tutor''?

    Hi lads, Id be interested in a rec climb, extra tuition and experience would be very much appreciated would be nice to put some faces to names.
  12. Climber lifespan

    My old boss at APC is in his 50s, we call him Daddy Big Wood! he still hauls himself up on a prussic with the 880 tied to his side. Not bad for an ex supermarket manager who had a mid life crisis.
  13. Split Beech MEWP Dismantle

    Best thread/topic for a long time real Arb.


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