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  1. Need a heavy duty machine

    Keep the machine you have and then get Carlton 7015trx
  2. Husqvarna 560xp with a 18" Oregon speed cut bar and chain.
  3. Using a Winch

    You are too far for us, which is a shame, going on what information you have provided, our Carlton 7015trx would have 80 8" stumps out in about hour, so 2 hours on site with getting on top of the bank and clean up and about a mornings work with with our rayco 1625. The price you have mentioned seems very steep, but everyone has their own running costs.
  4. Herder SCT-410H stump grinder Demo

    That all sounds good, very difficult when nobody has bought one yet, with regards to build quality and reliability. What engine and hp is it and what's the total width? Cheers Chris
  5. Herder SCT-410H stump grinder Demo

    What was it like when you got it deeper into the ground? i.e. Wheel spinning slow, big teeth and lots of wood chip and soil, did it have the power to press on or did it slow down even more? Looks a nice size machine though, but have to agree needs the remote control.
  6. Whats the best product

    Fairy liquid.
  7. Stump grinder teeth sharpening & re-tipping

    We use aftermarket green teeth on all our machines, we use them until they are blunt then replace with new ones. I can't stand the thought of sharpening teeth, Tungsten isn't something I would want to use a grinder on even with a mask, plus there's better things to be doing than sharpening teeth.
  8. ideas for homemade stump grinding screen

    We use this safety guard system, they are not cheap but when you think about the consequences of someone being injured, or the cost of damage to property, they are not that expensive.
  9. Post your stump grinding photos

    I never sharpen stump grinding teeth, just put them in a box, when the box is full I get the gas axe out and separate the tungsten from the steel and weigh it all in separately.
  10. Post your stump grinding photos

    Hi Johny, I was just wondering how you get on with your 4012?? (Yours looks to have done a good job on those Lime stumps) We have one and I am not impressed with it compared to the Rayco 1625 we have. The 4012 has the 27hp Diesel engine on it and seems under powered, plus it will get stuck on a flat lawn, let alone rough ground. Cheers Chris.
  11. Post your stump grinding photos

    A large wellingtonia (10ft) stump from last week.
  12. Remote control micro toggle switches

    We get new toggle switches form Farnell Element 14, last time I stocked up on them, they were half the price of the main deale and they are identical switches.
  13. Carlton sp4012

    We purchased a second hand 4012 this year, it's very well built but it will get stuck on a flat lawn, never mind a slope, we have a Rayco 1625sj which we have had stuck once in 11 years and that was on the kind of terrain our 7015trx would struggle with ( that was before we got the 7015). We run all our grinders on none genuine green teeth, they are a lot cheaper and seem to last as long, and the financial benefit out weighs the difference in quality.
  14. Favourite 5 saws of all time

    Stihl Ms200T Ms660 Husqvarna 242xp 262xp T536Lixp
  15. Stump Grinding

    I ground out a Silver birch stump that had a heating oil pipe running through the middle of it, that was a right mess to clean up.


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