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  1. we have a scag zero turn 61" great but thirsty A 48" scag pedes mower with the kawi engine and a ferris 32" pedes which has been bullit proof Were looking for a diesel ride on now, so one of the scags has to go. in my opinion your better with a used quality mower, rather than a new budget mower
  2. Thanks for the advice and tips guys Had the assessment friday and passed. 40/41/45 Had some moments! through the week but got my head around them in time for the assessment. Big thanks to the trainer and also to other participants on the course. Learnt loads and put certain parts into practice saturday, up in the tree as it started to snow, loving it ;-)
  3. I've had/got a makita hm1800 110 breaker, fantastic but now scrap. Now got a jcb hydrolic beaver breaker, better but gun now leaks gas and needs an exepensive repair. So now : Lump hammer and bolster and big arms ;-)
  4. thanks for quick replies. i can now add to my order
  5. I'm wanting to order some lengths of Marlow Boa friction rope 9mm to make some prussiks, just wondered how much of the ropes length is taken up with the prussik knot thanks Ric
  6. Lavoro Sherwoods for me, instantly comfy, advertised as waterproof i think, and have been. Plus class 3 £112 delivered so no complaints and seem really good to climb in
  7. Yep need a minimum charge, Don't think the guy will be up for sexual favours ;-) I'd be more appreciative of a bacon sandwich and a brew
  8. Mike hill, thanks for your post, that's loosely how I looked at it. Mick Stockbridge, jobs yours if you want it. Born2trot, I agree, but I don't want to load, unload, load etc as doing a stone drive at mo so need van daily for sand and so on. Lee winger, I know how to quote to make money and lose money, I just thought I'd see what others would charge around the country. Nice to check so your not over charging, I don't like feeling like a customer could have gone else were for cheaper and got the same job. As for been a business man, I run 3 and have sold one. But I'm always learning. Butler. I agree we need to work for the amount that right for oneself, but a bit of the above Dartmoor, thanks man Littletree, thanks. We all need a minimum we'd turn out for. Nick and swinny thanks too Thanks all
  9. I'm a bit stuck on how much to quote for a really small job. To take 5ft off a 20ft conifer. + thin out the bottom. I'm thinking about £60. Is this too much? Or to cheap. I guess I'll be there 1hr, 2hr out of the house but potentially cost me £15 to dispose
  10. Ha, i bought it 2nd hand. I'll call FRjones monday, think i'll put them on speed dial. Had good service of them to date
  11. Thanks for that mate, the instructor ain't a bad bloke really. Just trying to get a grounding for the course first
  12. I've a broken chain tensioner, anyone know were i can get the threaded part or other options i've looked on ebay and theres a non original clutch cover inc adjuster for £25+p&p (is this my best option?) i will phone round some husky dealers monday or do i wait for a busted 365 on ebay and have it for spares?
  13. Hi, ive got my CS40/41 coming up in 9days time. Is there anything i need to be practising or reading upon before these courses. I'm relatively new to tree climbing, so just got my own gear together and been going out each day for an hr over last week. Plan on climbing a tree a day next week too, just to get more fluent in the trees. I've recently bought "The art and science of practical rigging and climbing" and "the tree climbers companion" Got my CS32 2 weeks after but on this i feel i'll learn what i need to on the course (To pass atleast!)


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