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  1. I agree with treesrus Griselinia littoralis
  2. I had one 3 years ago to correct a locked knee (bit of cartilage was trapped in joint). In terms of recovering from arthroscopy don't over do it at first. The knee will feel bruised for a while from where they have stuck the tools in. Get yourself in the NHS gym if there is one available. Gym is run by physio's who will give you loads of exercises to strengthen it. You might find your quads depletes a bit so maybe start doing some single leg dips before the op if not too painful. I was back up and walking really quick and did as much as they said I could do little and often. If you have just damaged the cartilage you will be fine. Hopefully they can stitch it as opposed to cutting it out. Ive just had an ACL replacement with a cartilage repair at the beginning of December on the same knee all from original football tackle. Because of the cartilage repair I can't do any deep lunges/squats/dips but am back on site and can do most stuff. No heavy lifting or climbing yet but am on chipper and dragging brash. Physio is boring but going twice a week to NHS gym and should make a full recovery and be back to sport and climbing Good luck with it
  3. Nasty to watch. Looking again it looks like some one got very over eager on the pull line. The whole tree looks like it's going to snap before his back cut even goes in
  4. Looking good aspenarb. Hell of a job to do by hand without machinery
  5. Cheers Willie and Stubby Barrie not sure what this Aspen stuff is you're referring to so will have a good long read. As you know we never get any problems with our tools
  6. Currently recuperating on the sofa after having my cartilage stapled and a chunk of hamstring removed and used to replace a ligament in my knee. Just wondering if there is anyone out there who has had the same op? Fully aware I'm going to be off climbing for a bit just want to know there others who have made a full recovery and are back working.
  7. Thanks for the help. From searching Sophora tetraptera can confirm you're right. Growing in Exmouth, Devon sheltered by larger tree next to it
  8. Spotted this today whilst on a quote. Just intrigued what it is as didn't recognise it. Bit of a dull day so not the best photos and sorry about the head tilt
  9. I'm in a similar predicament at the moment with which saw to buy. One of our 346's has just broken apart requiring a new crank, piston and cylinder, even Spud says its not worth fixing. Don't want to get a 550 as had one already and really didn't get on with it, loads of problems when starting when warm and nowhere near as good as the 346. Have heard loads of problems about the 261 but what other options are there? Open to suggestions Echo, Makita, etc. Want something similar size to 346 for woodland management and chipper saw. What should I get?
  10. Ha thanks, don't think I can get all the credit as Steve had the right guess with Acacia dealbata
  11. Taking down a mature Monterey in middle of Exeter this week. PM me if you're interested in any of the wood. Good access and all bits cut to manageable size. Thanks Paddy
  12. Thanks Marko. I will dig out the hammer
  13. Definitely looks like it's Oyster Fungus. What does this mean for the tree?
  14. Thanks. Do you think the dark staining might be linked to Kretzschmaria deusta?


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