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  1. I did try that but it seemed too floppy, I could do with a small shackle to attach the tether in line with the body of the zig zag.
  2. Anyone know of any reason not to use the single tether rope wrench on the newest non swivel version of the petal zig zag? I have just bought one and I’m in the process of trialling it. I know there’s the chicane but I already own a RW. Only thing I can think of is with the single tether it doesn’t distribute the weight evenly and may cause more pressure on one side of the Zz. The rope wrench does seem to pull to one side when weighted (see pic). Other than that it seems to work beautifully 👌🏻 cheers
    Tipped a load of conifer rings - pleasant to deal with and good access
    Tipped a load of conifer rings - pleasant to deal with and good access
    Good access and firm ground
  3. I have in the past, when I was a newbie keen to learn and to gain experience.
  4. 150 is climber money. If training is being provided then they are obviously unskilled. £60 - £110 per day
  5. Do the bars for the echo 2511 also fit the 360tes? And if so do you also sell the 1/4 sprocket for the 360?
  6. Spoonz

    Echo 360 tes

    Thanks for your feedback, smaller chain may be the way to then. What oil are you using with your fuel mix?
  7. Spoonz

    Echo 360 tes

    What’s other people’s thoughts with experience of this saw?
  8. Spoonz

    Echo 360 tes

    I’m a little disappointed after reading the glowing reviews of the echo top handle. I purchased it and have been using it for about 2 weeks and It doesn’t have the grunt of the stihl or husky equivalents. There are many things I like about the saw but for me it doesn’t pull through wood as I was hoping- it was even getting bogged down on 7” diameter willow today. I would say my trusty 338xpt has more power, but for the money I would say it is OK. Running the standard 12” bar and chain. To new buyers I would probably recommend buying a refurbished 200t over the 360, but it’s still early days.
  9. Anyone had any dealings with stein defender chainsaw boots? Ive always had meindl airstreams but i wear the toe edge out really easy from climbing to the point my steel toe cap pokes out and my feet get wet. looking for some good alternatives and have always been impressed with stein gear, but never had the boots any advice much appreciated, Joe
  10. Greenscene is an excellent company to work for, they are based in Napier, Hawkes bay. They are always after good climbers and don't just do small back yard trees as they get work through Hawkes bay district council - big tree work! They have great kit and are a great set of guys always have a beer at the end of the day. I worked for them for 6 months when I was in NZ and would happily go back at some point. Napier is a nice little town. Good luck. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk

    <p>Hi Joe,</p>

    <p>Glad the saw I sold you was good, not got anything top handle to sell and TBH, I don't do too much on the saw sales now due to the amount of servicing and tuning I do. Will see if anything comes up and will refer to you if it does.</p>





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