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  1. <p>Hi, i saw on the forum that you're also doing abc level 2 in arb. How are you getting on? I'm currently stuck on physiology of plants and have come to an absolute standstill. Just wondered how far along you are and if you're maybe able to help me out? Cheers</p>

  2. HCC ABC level 2 help

    The Facebook group is up and running. So if any one doing this course wants in send me a message with your name and how I can find you on Facebook and il add you. Cheers
  3. HCC ABC level 2 help

    How about setting up a what's app or Facebook group? Easier than using email
  4. HCC ABC level 2 help

    I just started doing my first learning outcome and I am stuck on #4. Struggling to gather 5 of each and put into a table. Any help would be :thumbup:
  5. Identify please

    indian bean tree has similar leaf? could be wrong have a look
  6. Small digger sale

    Hi All! Im on the hunt for a small 2-3ton digger pref Kubota or hitatchi if anyone has one for sale.Would be ideal if it was piped for a rotating grab and has a winch on it! My budget is no more than 15k If anyone knows of any for sale let me know on this or 07858522746:thumbup: Thanks
  7. Posch Splitmaster 9t - Anyone have one??

    Heard from a mate that they have stoped making these splitters with axel, something to do with health and safety. Such a shame because mine is a beast
  8. You tree men are all so greedy, i go log splitting for £180 a day and am more than happy with that. Any more and i would feel like a con man
  9. Posch Splitmaster 9t - Anyone have one??

    Get one! Its a beast of a machine! Will split anything
  10. MS201t Not oiling

    Havnt needed it so wasnt bothered on fixing it. I managed to get the clutch off And indeed there was **** in that pipe! But iv managed to brake the pipe in the oil compartment whilst cleaning the filter oh dear
  11. MS201t Not oiling

    Still not oiling after giving a good clean. I dont even know how to take the clutch off. Please help
  12. MS201t Not oiling

    Thank you very much for the advice
  13. MS201t Not oiling

    Any tips on how to fix a saw that isnt oiling? i tried cleaning her but still wont oil back to the dealer?
  14. Ripple logs

    Would oak with the same effect be any value? Just made about 4cubic meters of ripple logs and wondering what causes it? was it worth a fortune?
  15. best way to clean ropes?

    i said to myself on on friday - im gonna buy a new rope this weeekend. Untill i saw this thread, put my sticky,smelly rope in the washing machine at 60degrees and loads of powder and nice smelly stuff and its like a new rope! il be doing this more offten:thumbup:


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