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    <p>Hi, I'm looking for a manual (or just a couple of answers really) for a Titan 70. I want to know the intended max RPM, and the correct spark plug for the saw. You don't happen to know the answer to either of those questions do you? Or better still, you don't happen to have a manual do you? Any help would be brilliant!</p>

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  2. First 38 cuts? Does that mean i'll live? Oh and can I burn it in the burner without problem? Thanks RockingDad
  3. Hi, I've just found out the the tree i've cut up this afternoon to add to the pile is in fact cherry laurel!!! eek and panic after reading lots of death like descriptions regarding the cyanide poisoning etc! calming down a little can someone answer the following? Can I chop/split and season this without risk and then burn it without any further risk to health? How bad is the risk from handling this stuff? I understand its the crushing etc of the leaves that causes the problem, is there any issue with the chainsawing of the logs? Now going slightly overboard, What should I do about the chipping from the chainsaw? This may seem funny to some but with young children and pets I don't want to take any risks. The back of my jeep is currently filled with the chainsawed logs from chopping it up. Thanks RockingDad
  4. RockingDad


    I have my wood burner sitting in my hall and awaiting installation. I've had a few quotes ranging from £1800 (and comes recommended) to nearly £3000. The burner is an 'approved' one as it has the metal tags (what a faff around that was) and I can't believe it costs more than having a Vailiant boiler put in with new tank and everything else excluding rads! Can someone tell me where to find a defintive building reg document for the install of a wood burner. I'm in half mind to do this myself and pay the couple of hundred quid for building control to certificate. Some of the HETAS approved guys who came round to quote..... well hmmm. lets just say if there is a standard to follow from HETAS, there were some different interpretations of it.
  5. because it's pic I got off the net of the part
  6. A clutch cover side casing for a McCulloch Power Mac 310 ( or otherwise called a 'Statesman'. If so and you want to give it a new home can you drop me a line? sorting out a saw for my brother and the doofus has picked up a 310 with a smaller eager beaver clutch side casing. You cant even get you hand between the top handle and chain brake lever when its disengaged! Saw is now running fine. Pic of part needed attached. Cheers RockingDad
  7. Cheers.....yep, have two now.. the first was a McCulloch rebuild.. A Power Mac 310, I know people don't have a lot of love for them but mine does what I need it to do and puts my neighbours plastic B&Q effort to shame.... looking for a Stihl next perhaps... parts easier to come by lol. I did enjoy the rebuild though. RockingDad
  8. Cheers, I'll have to pick up some stove paint then.....uh oh another hour lost in machine mart!
  9. Titan 70 project completed, stripped down, new cylinder, piston etc, filter clean, big/little end lube up, reassemble and run. I may get a local service place to set it up tip top but very pleased.... my first engine rebuild ever! Being a bit of a fussy git if there anything I can use to repaint the exhaust? RockingDad
  10. So stripped the saw back down today, fitted new parts, lubed all bearings while apart, reassembled, filled with 1:40 fuel, pulled a couple of times, and it struggled to start...... Idle on carb was so lean it wouldn't run.... adjusted...... Two pulls and saw roared into life. Bar oiler working fine, carb adjusted to idle ok and i'll not run it anywhere near hard until it's bedded in a bit but i'm so pleased. The compression on this saw is the most i've ever had to pull, just as well there is a valve on the cylinder to make starting it a bit easier. Cheers to everyone who helped me on this, appreciate it a lot. Just got to sharpen chain and i'm good to go. RockingDad
  11. Afternoon, Thanks to Les Cork and Simmonds Saws.... piston and cylinder kit arrived this morning and only ordered it about half four yesterday afternoon! Great service and would definately recommend them. I'm going to have a go at rebuilding the saw myself, if only to have the satisfaction of turning a dead saw into a working one. There is a rubber o ring seal at the base of the cylinder so i guess this is in place of a gasket. Any tips for rebuild? what's the best stuff to use for greasing the bearings? I've got standard grease for U joints on Jeep axles etc. Any things to consider for first startup after reassembly? Yes these may be noob questions but never worked on a two stroke in this manner before so all hints tips help gratefully received. Also cheers to Spud i've pm'd you. RockingDad
  12. Can anyone recommend a provider for this course and the assessment near to Clacton on Sea or failling that Colchester. I've found one at Otley college at Ipswich and one at Writtle College near Chelmsford. If they are the nearest can anyone give some insight into what these providers were like and what equipment I need for myself? Cheers RockingDad
  13. OK thanks for the answer. Anyone in the Clacton / Tendring area want some free labour in return for imparting some knowledge? RockingDad


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