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  1. Rope Wrench and CE marking

    Have the Arb Association been working with HSE to release a guidance document for SRT use in the UK? If so, when will it be released and what will it cover? If not, can you let us know what the Arb Associations stance of SRT is and it's place in tree climbing operations?
  2. help with id of pine tree

    It's a Pinus coulteri. The big cone pine.
  3. help with id of pine tree

    Pinus coulteri
  4. The Clachan Oak August 2013

    Can't seem to find the original post from Tim, but here is a couple of new images. These photos are from last week and would appear to be in reasonably good health. It had some rooting works with a seaweed feed in May this year. Perhaps it could benefit from a (very) little crown work, but I imagine that the group managing this project may be a little reluctant for that to be carried out right now. What do you think? The bands round the trunk were not intended as structural aids but as a public area to chain up criminals. They probably contribute some structural stability now, but may start to cause problems in the future. A lot to consider with this fine historic tree.
  5. A Tree for All Seasons

    Had the kilt on last weekend and was pouring with sweat. Perhaps our national dress (skirt) will need reviewed. Been very busy work wise but managed a sneaky cycle/camp mission over Arran and then onto the Crinan Canal. Very nice, aside heavy clegg action. They are huuunggrry for blood. Bet Hammy Heath has been heaving with bods the last couple of weeks. Does it make work harder for you guys? I'll try and get this back on topic with a tree soon (if I can remember how to post a photo)
  6. A Tree for All Seasons

    No way David, that day was f'ing freezing. I have never been in London and been that cold. Maybe with Scotland's new climate I've turned into a jesse. Proper cold chills that visit.
  7. 'Tree P&D' - UK Roadshow Event

    Thanks Peter, it sound like you got a lot from it. I agree that having that extra knowledge helps. If you or I were to win a job through our knowledge, the seminar fees are covered straight away- it is a win win. My original post is probably off topic as this is the P&D roadshow thread. It was brought on by Scotspine comment about the seminar fees and my own feelings regarding how the outreach of the AA (especially regional branches) could be more effective for greater membership numbers.
  8. 'Tree P&D' - UK Roadshow Event

    There are also travel expenses, food and drink etc etc to be accounted for. I try and pick seminars and events that will enrich my mind enough to justify the financial output required to attend. The last seminars and events put on in Scotland/UK touring events haven't done that for me. The attendees are often made up of LA tree officers, landscape architects, public sector arborists etc etc. My feeling is that content is often 'preaching to the converted' with most already singing from the same song sheet. I would suggest that the AA either need to direct the seminars at the sectors who are often those damaging trees, like construction or bring far more thought provoking speakers to events. I feel that these events aren't directed at those out there touching and looking at trees on a day to day basis. For example, if the working arborist was to be offered a aerial rescue seminar presented by Mark Bridge, I'm sure they would drop tools and come along. Please don't get me wrong the P&D event is a very worthwhile topic, but would be interesting to know how many 'on the tools' dudes attend, especially in Perth next week. How much more would I learn that I couldn't already read in Diagnosis of ill Health in Trees and from my own experiences? If National and Regional membership has to increase to help seminar fees, how are the AA planning to entice members in?
  9. Flowering trees

    Sadly/gladly not a resident of the Southern Hemisphere. Here is one more though, overlooking the premier residential area of Johannesburg, Melville. Johannesburg is also known to be the largest Man-made forest. Maybe the UK will catch onto that idea someday....
  10. Flowering trees

    Some Southern Hemisphere flowering..... Note the power cable pruning on the tree on the right in this shot Classic South African Jacaranda acutifolia back in November 2012. Not sure about the perky pink flowering one though....
  11. Trees & shade

    David, Avenue certainly looks better in full leaf. The actual condition of individual trees is pretty awful. Dog clawing damage, strimmers, lawnmowers, wind damage, poor pruning etc etc. Needs some gaps filled but as a shady retreat, it certainly serves well to the minority of fully dressed Weegies unwilling to go bright red on days light this. For reference, the Zebra doesn't live in Glasgow....De Woop Nature Reserve, S.A
  12. Trees & shade

  13. Trees & shade


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