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  1. Hey guys and girls, Just want to share our latest speed line tree removal video with you. We tried to give a good explanation about the job, the job plan, the setup, and communication throughout the video so others can see how our team work. Everyone works in slightly different ways, so this gives an idea about how we go about a job like this. Hope you all enjoy, Dan https://youtu.be/JQXWlqYUZTQ
  2. Nice work fellas, good on ya… Stay safe
  3. The final edit of a video highlighting the best of the Bainbridge Isl. tree comp It's the top of the two videos on the page Extras | Bainbridge Island Masters Challenge (highlights)
  4. The issue with iMovie is that the files it creates as you edit a project become huge and soon take up your hard drive. e.g if you import a 1gb file into iMovie to edit i'm sure it becomes about 3-4 times the size. Its really simple to use though.
  5. We're going to have to do some sort of collaboration one of these days Reg.

    <p>Hey Tim,</p>

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    <p>Thanks for your very kind message. Its always great to hear from guys that use the site in the way I designed it, and appreciate the work put into to create it.</p>

    <p>I'm glad the site has been of use to you.</p>

    <p>Sorry for the delayed response, I haven't been on Arbtalk in ages.</p>

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  7. Here is the short (20min) film I edited for the Taranaki tree film fest 2015, after training with Mat last summer for the PNW-TCC. The film won 'Best in show' at the film fest, so I was well chuffed!!! ClimbingArborist.com | Mat Fernandez Project - The Film
  8. Cheers for the positive feedback, I'm really excited thinking about projects I can put this to use on.
  9. Cheers Tom, yeah I'm not sure if you'll be able to sell that one to the mrs. The drone is the DJI Phantom 2 with a go pro 3 attached.
  10. Hey guys and girls, Some buddies and I went out this weekend to film the first of hopefully many tree climbing videos with a drone that I recently purchased. The footage came out amazingly well to say it was the first climb we had used it on. I hope you enjoy. Cheers, Dan ClimbingArborist.com | Extras | Sequoia climb
  11. Treemonkey, I have quite a few different mounts but for this one I just use the headlamp style mount, wrapped it around the branch a couple of times then choked it off if that makes sense. The wrist mount is also good but you can't angle the camera with it. Dan
  12. The tree was quoted allowing a day to do the job so we took the day. We didn't rush, made it safe and controlled for myself and groundsman, and allowed us to mess about with the cameras a bit too. A lot of the time in this industry there is a very fine line between making money and not so many climbers feel pressure to complete a job quicker and are pushed to cut corners etc, so I filmed this to show the lesser experienced that simple rigging can be quick easy and safe. In my opinion there is no point filming to show how fast you can work, the only person this matters to is your fellow colleagues and the people who pay your wages. Dan
  13. Hey guys, I'm using Yale Kernmaster 200ft rope, only really use this rope for climbing with the rope wrench or access. The core of the rope is slowly pushing out the end each time I use it, obviously as the kink made by the RW and the weight milks it down the line. Is there any suggestions for prevention? or does this just come with the territory? Dan
  14. It seems maybe I should have had a bit of music in the background. Thought I'd make a video without as a couple of people have said before they think the music ruins some good tree videos. Maybe 8x chainsaw noise is a little too much, hey ho we can but try. Dan
  15. This is a routine Fir tree removal filmed using a couple of GoPro cameras from different angles to try and give people a different perspective on the job we do. Most of it is time lapsed to capture the majority of the job in 10 mins And I've gone for no soundtrack for this one, just the chainsaw, Hope you like it.
  16. Yeah the B.C comp was a good crack, it was my first comp to and loved it. You have to do the first 1 just to know how things work and what the judges look for etc, but i'm gonna do as many as I can from now on. You entered the 1 in Seattle? Yeah we should get a big crew and go for a climb.
  17. Cheers dude. You got a good eye bro, yeah that was from the comp. Did you compete? Saw your videos of the chief and the wreck beach climb, they looked like great fun. Couple of the boys from work were throwing the idea around about climbing that Fir after seeing your film.
  18. So is the overall consensus that Yale Kernmaster is a good buy for a static line, but escalator is a good rope in certain techniques, (and it is great for foot locking, thats the only time i've used it and worked like a charm) Cheers for all the input
  19. Hey guys, and girls, Looking at buying a new static line and just wanted some opinions and reasons if possible as I've not tried many. Was thinking maybe the New England Escalator (so comments if anyone has this also) Thanks, Dan
  20. Another film me and the boys at work shot. Always fun when the machine does the hard graft, and the climber gets to take in the views. hope you enjoy. Dan [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRO6Haibqp8]Double Fir tree removal with the help of a crane - YouTube[/ame]
  21. The B.C comp is run by the Pacific north west chapter of the ISA so its on there guidelines which I'm pretty sure is the newer safer way of doing the rescue. Another question on the rescue. When they give you scenario e.g cut his left arm and is still conscious, are you expected just to get them down, or bandage the wound first and elevate arm? etc etc.....
  22. Cheers guys you've been a great help, All I gotta do now is a bit of practice, and maybe some role-play
  23. So with being vocal in the aerial rescue, do you have to pretty much explain what you are doing as your doing it, or doing they just want you to say things like ' Your gonna be fine' 'I'm be with you in a second' 'the ambulance is on its way' etc etc... Good luck with your comp Ben
  24. Hi all, I'm hoping a few of you who are familiar with competing in climbing competitions can help. I have just entered my first competition (British Columbia t.c.c on 14/15 July) but are just not sure on a couple of the disciplines. 1 - The speed climb, from what I can see on a couple of videos I've seen it seems as if this is how fast you can pull yourself up with the rope while going out on 2 or 3 branches. Do you use a friction hitch? If not and is just belayed do you have to rely on the belayer to give you slack to branch walk to reach the bells? 2 - On the Aerial rescue, what different things do they judge on? I remember seeing a comp before where the competitors where talking the whole way through to the dummy is this correct? is speed a factor? How can you lose points? All comments will be much appreciated Dan
  25. Hey Jaime, Yeah I created the site, it has taken me forever to build and film the videos and I have so many more I want to do its just getting the time. Thanks for taking a look. Also, how did you come across it in the first place??


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