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  1. Hi Axel, Just to confirm that I popped in to Keswick Garden Machinery today and they had both Aspen 2 and 4 in stock. James
  2. Thanks Axel. I’ll try them again, was several weeks ago when I tried them. James
  3. Keswick and Ambleside are two branches of the same dealer, which is the one who has stopped stocking Aspen. Could go to Carlisle if I have to, but its a best part of an hours drive each way. James
  4. My local dealer has stopped stocking Aspen and started stocking Husqvarna XP Power instead. Can I still order 3 cans of Aspen and get it delivered direct to me? Or should I just use the Husqvarna stuff instead? I use it in an MS261, KM131R 4-mix and BG85 blower if that makes any difference. Thanks James
  5. I'm considering purchasing a Stihl Kombi (for heavy domestic use rather than professional use) I would mainly use it with the strimmer and hedge cutter attachments, with occasional use of the pole pruner. I have a few queries I'd be grateful for peoples comments on. I know that there have been some problems with the 4mix engines. Have these been resolved in the new KM131 engine? The 4mix engines are apparently fussy about the 2 stroke oil quality. I assume the stuff in Aspen 2 is suitable? Can I use a shredder blade on the strimmer head attachment? How many extension pieces can you practically use with the hedge trimmer and pole pruner? All comments and suggestions welcome. James
  6. Yes they are the same tick: Ixodes Ricinus. They are not fussy about what they feed on though they prefer large mammals.
  7. I am trying to get a system installed like this. Currently we have an oil boiler and open fire to heat an old poorly insulated 5 bed cottage. Planning to retain the oil boiler, replace the open fire with a large stove with back boiler, probably one of the following: Arada Stratford Ecoboiler 25 HE Arada Villager Boiler 20 Brosley Snowdon 30 Stovax Stockton 14HB All linked up with a heat bank. Might add solar thermal at a later date. Currently waiting for a plumber to size the heatbank for me. Although with the current low heating oil prices it seems debatable whether it is worth going to all the effort. James
  8. I love my Petzl Myo XP and would buy another tomorrow if I needed one. Had it for several years. Runs on 3AA batteries I use rechargeable ones and always carry a spare fully charged set in the Land Rover. Battery life is 80 - 150 hours of use depending on the power level you use it at (choice of 3). Seems to be waterproof - coped with being out in torrential rain on Thursday night and last night. New version available now which might be even better.
  9. Thats fine. PM me if need be. James
  10. Thats just about possible. Would need to check my work diary tommorrow and see when I'm nearby to pick it up. Would be best if they could leave it in a porch or something but given that they are trying their luck with a refund via paypal then I guess they may need to be met face to face. James
  11. Where in Cumbria? If North / West I could pick the item up for you if it would help. James
  12. Haven't used satellite broadband but currently looking into it as best speed I can currently get is around 1.5mbps and fibre is looking less and less likely to come here. There seem to be 3 providers in the uk but several resellers of each provider. Set up is expensive but cost varies depending on whether you buy or rent the dish and modem and whether you DIY install or get someone to do it. I've been looking at it and DIY install seems feasible but aligning the dish looks time consuming. Haven't used them myself but this site seems to offer all three providers and some useful information: Satellite broadband provides fast internet If fibre doesn't get here soon I will sign up. James
  13. I've had a pair for two years and they've been fine. Although as I don't do this for a living they don't get worn every day. Only problems are that the button popped off after 6 months but it was easy to put a new one on and stitching on crotch is starting to go now. James
  14. I've just got an Iphone 4s and am a bit concerned about wrecking it. Has anybody tried one of these: Otterbox Armor Series? I know the Otterbox Defender is well reviewed on here but I like the look of the Armor as its waterproof as well. Downsides I suspect are it looks bulky and is expensive. Any thoughts? James
  15. Lots of farmers do it. Register as agricultural vehicle (free tax) no MOT, do need insurance and limited to 1.5km on road only from base AFAIK. James
  16. I got one for Christmas and have found dry pine cones the best fuel by far. James
  17. Pressure wash the labels off then they are easier to recycle as they can't tell there was oil in them.
  18. Either as +421 then the rest of the number or replace the + with 00. James
  19. There are generally two types of policy and you need to be aware of which you are getting. The more expensive ones tend to be lifetime policies. This means if your pet is diagnosed with a chronic condition, such as diabetes, they will continue to cover treatment costs for the lifetime of the pet as long as you keep paying your premiums. The cheaper policies tend to be time limited. With these policies if your pet was diagnosed with a chronic condition they will cover the treatment costs only until the renewal date on the policy. At that point if you renew the policy the pre existing condition will be excluded and you would be covered for new and unrelated conditions only. It is important to check the companies reputation for paying claims. Certain companies are notorious for trying to evade paying claims. This can leave you liable for a vet's bill that you were not expecting to have to pay. Check by reccommendation or do a google search for companies you were considering. Can't list any here as could be considered libelous. James
  20. Landys must be the only vehicle that has a full 35 page instruction manual for dealers to fix water leaks. But I love mine anyway. James
  21. Have a look at this: http://www.mylandy.com.my/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Water_Ingress.pdf James
  22. jamez654

    badger cull

    NFG, Deer can also spread TB but not the the same extent as badgers. It has also been found in cats on infected farms. Cattle cannot be vaccinated because there is currently no test capable of distinguishing between infected and vaccinated cattle. The BCG vaccine as used it people has been tested in cattle but it is not very effective (it isn't very effective in people either). Badgers will eventually repopulate the area. But if badgers are culled for a period and infected cattle are removed hopefully a healthy badger and cattle population can be achieved. James
  23. jamez654

    badger cull

    As a farm vet, I am all for it. As long at is done humanely. It has been proven that TB is transmitted from cattle to badgers and badgers to cattle. It is a shame that vaccination is not particularly effective for badgers and cannot be used in cattle as it is not possible to differentiate with a test between vaccinated and infected cattle. At the end of the day everbody wants healthy badgers and cattle and TB is not good for either species. The debate revolves around the study which showed that despite a significant reduction in TB breakdowns in cattle in trial badger culling areas, there tends to be a slight increase in TB breakdowns in cattle around the perimeter of the areas. This is likely due to TB infected badgers from further away moving in to replace those which have been culled. They are very terratorial. I hope that the cull will take place in areas with good boundaries which badgers cannot cross such as major roads, rivers etc. so that this does not happen. James
  24. Stephen. Do you think he can see OK? If his sight has deteriorated he could cope OK in the house if he is familiar with the layout but not want to go outside. Just a thought. James


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