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  1. Yeah, the thing is though the hole in the oil tank is metal! The existing cap gets tighter on its own (it's a common problem, either the plastic cap expands somehow, or vibration tightens it) so you need a screw driver to release it. I thought replacing the cap with the flip up handle would be the way to go.... but I can't even fit it!
  2. Hi there, I just bought new oil and fuel caps for my 346xp. They are genuine Husqvarna, the new type for the 550xp but they are meant to fit 346xp as well. I got the large cap for the fuel and the small cap for the oil. The fuel cap fits no problem but the oil cap is too tight to fit. Has anyone else had this problem? Would widening the hole work? Cheers, Alex
  3. alexm


    My mate strimmed a load and came up in a rash of tiny blisters. It left discolouration on the skin for months too but I suppose he could have been particularly sensitive.
  4. Agreed. I think health and safety has almost got to the point where people will no longer take responsibility for their own welfare and everyone else suffers as a result!
  5. alexm


    Wear gloves too obviously, the sap can cause blistering in sunlight, similar to hogweed!
  6. We have a soil remediation division at work and they cleared a large area for a school playing field. As there was some significant earthworks involved to level the area and therefore large machines on site anyway they decided to dig it up and bury it on site at 10m deep (if I recall correctly!). Because of time constraints I think it worked out more effective than individually injecting stems. The hole was absolutely massive! If your client is willing to spend money to put in membrane then maybe he would be willing to negotiate some sort of shared cost with the neighbour to treat it properly then the worry and potential future impact will be removed? (Although as above he probably shouldn't have to!)
  7. alexm


    Looks like it! Ragwort Fork at Mole Valley Farmers
  8. Leylandii gets me bad... Itchy red bumps which last for two weeks. Cut a leylandii hedge once with bare arms and everywhere the sappy ends touched skin turned into a welt. Never made that mistake again! Antihistamines and HC45 cream helped!
  9. +1 It's thin enough to dissolve the resin but not so thin as to be able to damage plastics and paint like more volatile solvents (acetone, thinners etc). Spray on and allow it some time to soften.
  10. Another rescued from a pile of old buddleia chumps I was clearing up
  11. Getting back on topic, couldn't there be a danger of enough fibres getting stuck between sprocket and chain to effectively over-tension the chain and do damage somewhere (e.g. bearings or shaft)?
  12. +1 Good effort getting it re-balanced too... often times there'll be something invisibly out of whack and they wobble even though everything appears to be back straight
  13. I was hoping for super powers but all I got was a sh*tty hand
  14. We get a lot of woodlouse spiders (Dysdera crocata) here which are another on the list of indigenous species capable of delivering a bite as their mouthparts are designed to crunch through woodlouse shell. This one took a dump on my hand
  15. Beautiful bit of wood that, any idea how old it is? It'll look stunning with a nice oil finish!


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