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  1. Time Left: 2 days and 22 hours

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    457 hours, good condition, no known faults, taken in part exchange, Price plus VAT


    - GB

  2. Not that I'm aware of sorry, you could try [email protected]
  3. We've only sold the 23hp so far, the 18hp would more be aimed at the horse/stable market. Landscaping/treework the 23hp is the way to go
  4. Yes, the customer understands this and hence why the tie backs have been fitted to allow it to be secured to something behind the machine. it's more for awkward sites skidding brash etc
  5. If you can afford it the FSI D30 is a hell of a machine, build quality and finish is second to none. And you can still get a diesel...
  6. This little set up in progress at the moment, going through the workshop, new unit being provided with a custom winch plate and a standard log grab and grass flail
  7. The latest addition to the microBull club sent me these over the weekend, wouldn't quite do a full IBC, maybe with a heavier driver! Or an extended footplate/counterweight when we get round to sorting one. That Yew log must weigh a fair bit though
  8. If its the flat belt you are after you cannot buy from McConnel anymore, but we have a contck who makes them, i'll dig the number out in the morning, if it's the V belts as many have said you can get anywhere - If you've flat belt and want to make life easier we keep V belt conversion kits in stock - this replaces the pullies and taper locks and converts to a more modern V belt Give us a call if you like 01584711544 -
  9. Few more customer pictures sent to me this week, the blade making light work of the clear up from the hedge cutter, He said it just required a blow after.
  10. More user pics sent in, this one was collected last night, straight into some big stuff this morning! VID-20210430-WA0005.mp4
  11. This was a customer's set up, we just provided a blank plate and he modified to fit his log splitter, at the moment I believe he's just using one of the std aux lines and a bunch to hold it open. So long as your log splitter is open centre it shouldn't be a problem. He may comment if different, pretty sure he's a member here
  12. Starting to get a few more units out there now, with the next 4 machine sold before we've taken delivery demand is growing, Here are a few customer photos we've had in. The intermercato grab is on a manual rotator that I've designed and have been playing around with, needs a bit of refinement but works in principle VID_141440418_080043_637.mp4

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    Ex demo condition - less than 50 hours - supplied with x2 remote batteries, 12 V charger - Ready to work 2017 Innovative Hybrid Drive Concept: Electric drives and powerful combustion engines Excellent mulching result in either direction allows the agria 9600 to leave a less visible impact on lawn areas - even during the most aggressive maneuvering Smooth electric drive for precise control Powerful stepless Electric Drive, 48 V DC Lightweight design combines rubber tracks and a low center of gravity for an efficient operation on slopes Hybrid system guarantees very high performance due to optimized utilization for mower and traction drive Good for mowing steep slopes up to approx. 50 ° (120%) Very low maintenance due to minimization of operating fluids Zero Turn All device functions controllable by remote control The robust machine for daily use in the professional landscaping


    Ludlow, Shropshire - GB

  14. This item is SOLD

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    40hp - Reverse Drive - 2019 - 355 hours Ex Hire, regularly serviced, new bonnet, lights and plastic trim, Sold by main Carraro Dealer, large stock of parts Also available with Flail topper, winch and timber trailer if you are looking for a complete package, new tractors in stock as well £16,000 plus VAT


    Ludlow, Shropshire - GB

  15. Quick video of the mulcher whilst we checked everything over VID_192020602_173217_633.mp4
  16. I was looking forward to trying one of the mulchers out, but both sold before we'd received them, so have had to order some more in! looks a solid little unit though, I'll try and get some more pictures before they get sent out, be handy for those back garden clearance jobs
  17. Customers machine we fitted with grab and rotator, only one auxiliary function so diverter mounted on the boom, always a bit more awkward routing the pipes with the pendulum style grabs, nice set up though
  18. That's unfortunate you've had engine troubles, we've had none so far. We tend to run ours flat out or close to. if working hard. If just pottering around then less is fine. For the higher speed tracking you need to be flat out on the revs
  19. Very pleased to be on board! Please feel free to contact me directly if you've any queries - 07976901536 - [email protected], or message me on here -
  20. Looks good - I've seen a few other mini loader attachments that are essentially an upside down set of pallet tines for moving bulk bags, meaning the boom is in a lower position when in transport - The little log grab works well - a good amount of crushing force and can even shift logs lengthways -
  21. Nice little load heading out this week - MicroBull, Grapple w/capstan, pelican bucket and 130L bucket
  22. We can send the Giant or microBull on a pallet if you've other work you want to hire one on - works out £90 each way for delivery (double pallet space)


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