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  1. We've one on the hire fleet - west midlands though - www.frankalviti.co.uk sy84ld
  2. I think the sherpa 100 has similar spec to the Giant, we sold one onto a Giant last year and a shepa, good feedback so far. I think simialr performance to a pedestrian, and the action of grinding doesn't suit everyone, but they are a well built unit and the interchangeable back plate means they can be swapped between machines if you upgrade in the future This is on a single pump Giant SK252D - bit of an ash log (didn't have any stumps to hand!)
  3. We also have a 0.6m Seppi Flail to fit the microbull, which is then the same width as the machine for access - 750mm The microbull 23hp Pro2 has 3 pumps, so a separate pump putting out 30lpm to the flail. Obviously a different league to the bigger machines but still surprisingly capable This is a video of the 1m flail
  4. Got this is the workshop for a re pipe and a few leaking rams, anyone got any experience with them? Not seen one before myself
  5. All clips from one customer from the last 12 months. Just everyday treework made that little bit easier https://youtu.be/lGRyF9jMwzk
  6. Kinda off topic, but loader related. Been meaning to do this for ages and finally had time/everything in one place. Combinations of machines on the same trailer, the smaller is a GH1054 and the Tri axle a gh146. And a quick slide show of all the different combo's https://youtu.be/vWo6nN0FyGk
  7. Couple here I put together from clips our customers have sent us. Both fixed, one a lightweight, one a HD If you want to send me your mobile I can WhatsApp you a few more pictures and videos we've amassed https://youtu.be/GWiaSsQiIGs https://youtu.be/b2bBPT8pzmY
  8. Ah, sorry missed that bit, probably wouldn't be worth the delivery...
  9. We've an ex demo one in stock, We'd happily hire it for you to try and if you want to keep it we wouldn't charge you the hire
  10. We've run one on the Giant and the microbull, (25hp kuboto and 23hp yanmar respectively) and actually runs a bit better on the microbull - in noway the same league as a dedicated tracked grinder - but would hold its own with a pedestrian machine, come in around the £3950 + VAT mark Video here of it on the Giant, not the most exciting video, but gives you an idea, interchangeable plate means we run the same unit on our 2.6 ton digger for awkward hire jobs where our D30 wont reach/can't access (4 bolts and the snap couplings to swap over) This is on the single pump Giant, we've recently purchased a tandem pump version so will try it on that when I get a moment to see if there is any difference They also make a swing arm version, you can get it with a diverter and electric control switch if the base unit only has one function
  11. Used our Klou cone splitter on the Giant and Microbull, Works well up, did manage to get it stuck on a big twisty bit of ash, but I was asking a bit much and got a bit gready! This size stuff was a breeze, and you could move stuff quite easily with it as well
  12. Finnaly got around to trying the Muritori stone burier/rotavator, Handles it very nicely and leaves a really nice finish
  13. It's a mess and still not 100% clear in my opinion, Farmers weeklys interpretation is that arb isn't classed as horticulture so isn't exempt, and then I've pulled this from the bali website (i've added notes in italic) - Commercial tree works The definition of forestry issued by HM Revenue and Customs refers to the upkeep and management of forests including the growing and harvesting of timber and other forestry products. Management of trees not in a woodland (i.e. street trees or amenity trees) is therefore not forestry and machinery used for this purpose cannot use red diesel. (but also states that you can use red for "cutting hedges or trees bordering public roads or bordering verges which border public roads") - Professional garden maintenance Based on the definition of horticulture issued by HM Revenue and Customs, professional cultivation and management of domestic gardens is regarded as horticulture and therefore machinery used for this purpose is permitted to use red diesel. Permitted tasks include maintenance of vegetable plots, flower beds, trees, shrubberies and lawns, as well as harvesting flowers, fruits and vegetables, and treating and enriching the soil and controlling weeds and pests. - Professional tree works in a garden Based on the definition of horticulture issued by HM Revenue and Customs, management of trees and shrubberies within domestic gardens is horticulture, and therefore machinery used for this purpose (for example wood chippers) are permitted to use red diesel. My take at the moment is that we are fine to carry on using red in our hire chippers and stump grinders, our diggers we're switching onto white as could be used for construction and the robocuts we'll carry on using red as there is another exemption "“Mowing machines may use red diesel as long as it is a complete vehicle, whether pedestrian-operated or ‘ride-on’, with grass cutting machinery built in.” might be a bit thin but we'll go with that untill told otherwise. Even the arb association can't make sense of it : "CHANGES TO RED DIESEL USAGE, APRIL 2022 Author: John Parker 02/02/2022 Last Updated: 17/02/2022 John Parker, January 2022 BACKGROUND In 2021 the government announced that it would be removing the entitlement to use red diesel from most sectors. The change will come into effect on April 1st 2022. Many of our members will be wondering how this change will affect them. Unfortunately, arboriculture is not actually mentioned in the new regulations but the Association hopes that this briefing note will help clarify the situation. It is recommended that you also consult the information which the government – through HM Revenue & Customs – has produced, available here: www.gov.uk/guidance/fuels-for-use-in-vehicles-excise-notice-75 EXEMPTIONS Certain exemptions apply to agriculture, horticulture and forestry in relation to the use of red diesel after April 1st 2022. HM Revenue & Customs applies the following definitions to these sectors: Agriculture – the science and art of cultivating the soil, growing and gathering in crops, and rearing of livestock. Horticulture – the science and art of cultivating or managing gardens, including the growing of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Forestry – the science and art of forming and cultivating forests and the management of growing timber. The government clearly states here that arboriculture does not form part of either agriculture or forestry, which we obviously agree with. However, there is some potential confusion around what is included within horticulture. Elsewhere in the government guidance, the definition of what is included with horticulture is expanded as follows: In our view, horticulture is the cultivation and management of gardens (including vegetable plots, allotments and market gardens, but also flowerbeds, trees, shrubberies and ornamental lawns in public parks). By cultivation and management, we mean growing and tending flowers, lawns, shrubs and trees, and harvesting flowers, fruits and vegetables for food (or animal fodder) and for ornament, as well as treating and enriching the soil and controlling weeds and pests. But, we do not regard as horticulture the landscaping and maintenance of grassy recreational areas, such as playing fields and golf courses, or the grassed areas of parks that are made available for walks, picnics and general recreation. SUMMARY The overall picture is somewhat confused. The implication from the government guidance is that when engaged in certain commercial tree work activities – such as managing trees alongside transport infrastructure or in housing estates, schools or churchyards (to name but a few) then arboriculture is not exempt from the new legislative changes. However, when undertaking tree work in a domestic garden or public park, and when commercially producing trees ‘for ornament’, then these operations are exempt from the restrictions on the use of red diesel. The Association intends to seek clarification about the use of red diesel from government, and will be writing to our Member of Parliament and the relevant ministers. Further updates will be posted on our website as and when we have them. In the meantime we recommend that all of our members who might be affected by this change read and become familiar with the government guidance and ensure that you are prepared for the rule changes to come into effect on April 1st 2022." Would be interested on anyone else's take as I've gone full circle
  14. We run one as a hire machine, good feedback so far, runs a 900mm flail resonably happily (slew to cut only) double proportional lines makes fitting of most attachments pretty straight forward, you can also have up to 8 pre set flows for each joystick, usefull for when switching between the flail (100%) and the grab and rotator (45 and 15% ish) gives you plenty of control. Only had it since christmas so can't speak on reliability yet
  15. Nice load of machines and attachments arrived today, including some foot plates I've been badgering them for
  16. Which side of Birmingham are you? We've usually got a tracked chipper of some description available for self drive hire, come with a trailer as standard. www.frankalviti.co.uk
  17. Not a skiddy, but a good example of the Klou grab in action, we sent this out last week and this was there first Job with it, needless to say they were pleased https://youtu.be/GWiaSsQiIGs
  18. Thanks to both @andy ellis and @Will C - I love what we do here and it's customers like yourselves that make it so rewarding
  19. Triton is pretty good for budget stuff, my understanding is alot of guys use them on slab beds as they are pretty pokey for the £
  20. Not quite, but it'll help! They wanted the Giant but we can't manage in the yard without bit for that long as we use it so much the moving trailers round. So we brought the one that was listed on here a few weeks back, actually suits there job a bit better. Hopefully keep it after the job as I've always wanted one!
  21. If I get the time I'll weigh some lumps of would and take some videos of our various machines moving them round, except the ditch witch as that's out for the next 10 weeks. Be an interesting comparison, I'll use the same Log grab on all 3, Klou with no heal and manual swivel
  22. Kennedy Grinding in Craven Arms did some for us years ago when we had a couple of Preds, were fine for the back teeth, wouldn't get the edge for the leaders though
  23. Slightly complicated to make although you can buy direct a blank plate for making your own stuff for £150 or so. We have made an adaptor plate for the giant/Avant bracket, doesn't weigh to much and the design of the microBull loader means it doesn't actually change the geometry too much. I'd post some pictures but it's out with a customer at the moment
  24. We've made an adaptor plate to use the Giant attachments, as we were short a pair of pallet tines for a local customer. Works fine, doesn't add much weight. The microbull own brand attachments are pretty competitively priced and only as heavy as they need to be. Some others tend to use attachments strong enough to go a much bigger machines, eating into your lift capacity


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