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  1. Hi Please can you give me an idea of volume and site access.

    We run a Timberjack 1070 harvester perfect for thinning


  2. Hi Tom, no I haven't as yet! Yes I think they have had a heap of applicants, I'm struggling to find the time myself!

  3. We are looking for somebody with a harvester to potentially help with a large woodland thinning between 200- 500mm. If anybody is interested please contact with rates. Thanks
  4. Hey bud, just looking back over past RFS stuff, did you manage to do RFS cert really wanting to do it myself, i know myerscough do it online but i couldn't get in this year


  5. Farmer Ben, what price did you agree for that set up?
  6. Hire a breaker drill and/or a diamond cutter, (Hilti etc,) mash up the stone with the breaker and a cut the stump with old bars and chains. Watch out for snapping your chains though! Could try to burn out the stump?
  7. Thanks fellas, all sorted!
  8. Is there any UK stockists?
  9. Thanks NI - an interesting debate!
  10. Sold. steel it is! Jon - Where did you purchase the cable from?
  11. The Plasma is a fair bit cheaper than the Dyneema, but may switch to steel for the price- would the steel cable run through a butterfly pulley alright?
  12. Think I may switch to steel to save on the pocket
  13. So what's the pros for steel?
  14. I didn't know steel cable was that much cheaper! Its just that rope is what we are used to - its light, easy to run around with, easy on the hands, and safer if it snaps i guess! And it has a higher breaking strain by diameter to steel. but now just realised its 10 x the price!
  15. Hi all, we're having to replace the rope on a Norse skidding winch, does anybody know what to replace it with?! We've looked at the Marlow Dyneema rope but it is super expensive! Is there decent alternatives? and I'm not sure what diameter we need to get, the one that being replaced looks about 8mm, we want to get 100m length of it so the price soon adds up! Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated!


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