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    <p>Hi Matt,</p>

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    <p>Unfortunately I don't have anything available for the foreseeable future. Maybe worth trying Nash Contract Services as i think they are recruiting.</p>

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  2. <p>Hi I ha e just moved to the area..(Tadley) from London I still work for the firm I have done for the last 5 years grate place to work but the commute is getting a bit much was woundering is you have any thing going? I'm a Forman and lead climber all relevant tickets climbing kit ect.. Thanks matt</p>

  3. Yew in Hampshire

    Thank you kernowstu, I'll give the chap a bell. Cheers, Andrew
  4. Yew in Hampshire

    Hi chaps, I would like to sell as a job lot ideally although i am not against selling bits here and there. Im in north hampshire about 7 miles out of basingstoke towards Tadley. Best to contact me on my mobile. Cheers Andrew
  5. Yew in Hampshire

    Hi all, I have approximately 30 cm3 of yew in 2.4m lengths, ranging from 18" in diameter down 3". Some nice piece's in there. Anyone interested? Cheers, Andrew
  6. Hi TCD, Think I'd stear well clear as if you're already thinking things may get rough is the risk worth it? Why is it generally excepted by landowners/agents that it's ok for the contractor to lose out? No wonder forestry is dwindling in terms of personell. Cheers, Andrew
  7. Harvester & Forwarder training

    Hello, i can also deliver FMO assessments. Cheers Andrew
  8. Extraction cost per m3/ ton

    6.5 to 10 quid a m3. What is your set up? What are your costs? What are you happy making? Pretty similar to the other replies. Cheers Andrew
  9. Selling Timber

    Hi sounds a bit rough. I have just put a weigh link on my forwarder to avoid this sort of thing. Although at considerable cost i think that it will pay for itself time and again as i have been bitten in the past. Cheers Andrew
  10. How to become and Assessor/Trainer??

    Hi Brush, Give me a call sometime and i may be able to shed some light on things for you and or be of some help. Cheers, Andrew
  11. Groundman pay

    Seems to me that there is a lot of work around so try someone else as you've nothing to lose. Keep things amicable with him so you could approach him if you're stuck and need a few quid. Wages are always an issue and a tough nut to crack. Work out what you need to earn to live and do what you like to do out of work and base it around that. If you cant achieve what you have worked out that you need then you're either being unrealistic or need to find another trade. You either love this job or you'll love your new job a whole lot more! Cheers Andrew
  12. Bolster trailer

    Hopefully one will come up or i can sniff something out. Id happily go to mr wilson but cant justify the cost as it wont see a huge amount of work. . .
  13. Bolster trailer

    Cheers for the heads up brush. I had a pretty decent vreten trailer that i sold a couple of years ago, no lights or steering drawbar and a tidy well shod trailer really and i suppose thats similar to what im looking for. Cheers again and if you see summat about please do let us know. Andrew
  14. Anyone know the whereabouts of a bolster trailer in reasonable condition? Looking for something that will carry a couple of bays of 2.4 to go behind my roofmount county. Lights,brakes and steering drawbar not essential. Cheers, Andrew
  15. pricing forestry work

    The average price has to be as much as is humanly possible to get. Forestry work is in my opinion not as accessible as arb work due to the variables involved in differing sites. As tcd states with the race to the bottom for some contractors (which i also dont want to be any part of) makes any risk of loss that much greater to the uninitiated.


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