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    free tip for all clean chip and logs We will pay for large loads of timber (not arb rings) and run our own timber lorries if your working local to us we may be able to assist
  2. Please call me to discuss. We have a tree shear and will be able to sort the whole job from shearing to chipping for you if you like. We are local too so transport won't be too much either. I tend not to spend much time on the forum so please call me on 07977 106671,
  3. I am interested, I can load and collect, how much do you have ? 07977106671
  4. Late I know! Milner are great for al jap parts but I've got two complete rear bodies with lights in if you want some genuine ones? 07977106671
  5. Sorry to hear about your situation. It's always a worry leaving a Machines on site even with security. Hope it gets sorted soon.
  6. If the trees are coming down due to the root system causing direct damage to a wall then it sounds fairly simple. Telephone your local FC officer and explain the situation. He may even come and have a look the same day with you. The system is a little more flexible than TPO's and conservation area applications, and you local officer can give you the green light straight away without all the paperwork needed if he agrees with the reasoning behind the felling. If he does disagree with you then at least you saved yourself a spot of trouble if you had of carried on and got reported.
  7. I think people should understand the wildlife and countryside act and know the ins and outs of the animals classed as vermin on the list and the conditions that must be abided by before dispatching said vermin. I for one am a country sports man with country sports in my blood. And whilst I may have my own opinion on the main contents of this thread. I am shocked that certain terminology has been used within the thread to insult others and the cost of offending others with certain health issues. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! This forum can be accessed by anybody, and indeed can in certain curmcumstances direct people through to threads from a google search. It is completely unacceptable in this day and age to use terms such as 'retard'!!!!!!! Stick to professionalism for the industry sake. If you have strong feelings about a certain issue and feel the need to make your self heard via insults then do a YouTube video or go on face book for everybody to see what sort of inconsiderate person you are. THE END!
  8. The AA approved contractor scheme caters for all sizes of businesses. The requirements of the scheme are based on legal compliance for the size of the company. There are approved contractors out there that only have one employee with no office etc. Unfortunately you only hear about the larger firms. Have a look into it, you may be supprised!
  9. That does ring a bell. How time flies!!! Hope your keeping well!
  10. Here's a picture of out 2 x 14 ton tree shears working hard in Peterborough this week
  11. Haven't even bothered watching the video as he'd get sacked working for me if he did a gob cut that big felling commercial woodland timber!
  12. If it's worth that amount I would be rich with the contents of my yard😁


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