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  1. Hi gang Looking for a contract climber for occasional days. Based near Sudbury in Suffolk Must have relevant tickets and be competent in large-scale reductions and removals, good pay for the right person. Must have a good attitude, Anyone with climbers ego need not apply. Thanks Peter Hall Green Tree Works
  2. After my lovely 13 yr old aluminium Buckingham spikes went missing I now find myself horrified by the price of new spikes! To that end, does anyone have any Bash or Bucks for sale?? Cheers Pete Hall Green Tree Works
  3. Hi Gang I'm in need of a groundsman on a self employed basis for occasional work in around the Sudbury, Suffolk area. CS30/31 and 38 (for rescue) plus chipper ticket would be required Possible dates to start 29th & 31st May would be handy. PM if interested. Cheers Peter Hall Green Tree Works
  4. GTW

    Bat Boxes

    Morning all! Can any one recommend a supplier for 30 odd bat boxes? delivered Cheers P.Hall Green Tree Works
  5. No steve it wasn't on Arb safe 😕 These ba****ds have quite possibly destroyed my business now, 3rd time iv been robbed, twice in 18 months. If their not stealing my work by massive under cutting then their stealing my kit....quite frankly I have had enough, especially as they will almost certainly be back in a few weeks. Good chance I'll be hanging it up and looking for employment now. Peter Hall Green Tree Works
  6. Apologies- registration is FL58CRV
  7. STOLEN- landrover Defender - FL08CRV Stolen today 17th July 2017 between 3:30pm and 5:30pm from stradishall, Suffolk along with a full complement of tree surgery power tools!
  8. Hi gang Just wondering if anyone has a site near chingford east London that could take a load of chip and cypress logs in the next couple of weeks? Palms can be crossed with silver if needs be! Cheers P.Hall Green Tree Works


    <p> I am at cm61jn </p>

    <p>I could take logs and a small amount of chip.</p>




    <p>hello mate, is IP12 too far?</p>

    <p>i can only take logs not chip</p>


  11. Still looking, somewhere a bit nearer to Braintree if poss. Cheers
  12. Palms can be crossed with silver!
  13. Rear handle on my 660 encountered the rear wheel of the landrover........😡
  14. Any one have a tip site or want lots of poplar logs?? We have lots to off load, pm if you can help! Cheers Pete Hall


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