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    Mower rip off

    Just for balance - I bought a rideon mower from Chipperfield earlier this year as they were £400 cheaper than most. Courier messed up the delivery so they sent their own van down to us to deliver the machine, a 170 mile round trip down to the Ashdown Forest. Mower had been fully set up an PDI'd with a full tank of petrol ready to mow. They responded well during the process and generally tried to do the right thing when the courier went astray. Incidentally the rideon was a 42" Al-ko which has been fantastic.
  2. Update - replaced the fuse holder but now when I turn the key I just get clicking from the solenoid and not engine turnover. Plenty of life in the battery but after a few seconds of this clicking I noticed the lead to the starter was warm so it looks like that's also knackered. Replacing the starter is beyond my technical skills so off to the pros tomorrow for a look over.
  3. Thanks - am replacing the fuse holder so will see if that fixes the problem.
  4. Bit of a strange one - the main fuse in my Countax C600H has melted but not blown. The plastic has made its way into the holder so I've got a replacement which I'll fit this weekend but has anyone either seen this before or can shed any light on the cause? When I try the key i can hear the starter clicking but not engaging the starter so suspect the solenoid is also fried but one thing at a time.... Cheers
  5. I've got an unused 24" Alaskan which I was going to stick on ebay when I get round to taking some pictures. Drop me a PM if you're interested, I'm based in Tn22, Sussex and can break it down and post it.
  6. What Hammond's actually done is a 2 year smash and grab on the self-employed to raise a quick £8bn. In the 2019 budget it will all be given back and more to shore up support in advance of the 2020 election as a way of presenting the government as the "party of the working man/woman". Sort of like the "Squash and a Squeeze" book for those with kids - make things worse then when they are put back to their original state it seems like step forward.
  7. Amenity.co.uk are doing them at £85+VAT for 1.2m high 50m rolls. Just bought a couple of rolls to do some woodland planting.
  8. Tell them to change insurer. Any insurer who is spending this much time on a small domestic policy like this is going to be very poor at paying out claims. Their expense overhead loading will be huge so they will have to claw is back on the loss ratio which generally means not paying valid claims. The only policies who should be going into this kind of detail before coverage are high value unusual ones, like very old places with little/no foundations or non-standard constructions like prefabs.
  9. Stupid question - how to you chuck up the bowls once they have been roughed out? Does the bowl saver leave a spigot to chuck onto?
  10. Another vote for the oregon mulching blade which I spent last weekend smashing through brambles that hadn't been touched for years. Easy to use and reduces everything to tiny pieces. Only small problem is it gets a bit angry when you ground it, plus I think it's a bit hard on the strimmer as the gears in the head now feel a bit loose and there is grease coming through to the spindle so I may have shot the bearings. Good job it's got that long warranty....
  11. Sleeches

    About time!

    No loopholes here - Ireland runs very low corporate tax rates to attract companies to set up their operations there. Apple employs about 6000 people in Cork as a result, in addition to many other multinational companies. This is the EU insisting that all countries have the same tax rates to create a level playing field, and they are instructing Ireland to collect the €13bn, which they will not do as every other foreign company will pack up and leave the country. This is fundamental to Ireland's economic model so no surprise there are some grumblings over there around "Irexit" as a nuclear option.
  12. Looks good - what's the insert in the bottom which presumably has your details on. Do you get those made up separately and drop them in? Cheers
  13. If you do get one, ask the seller about these common faults which will all cost you a fortune - - cam belts as mentioned earlier - front hub bearings which lasted only 80k on my first D3. You can feel the grumble from the front end just before they let go - the air suspension hoses can work loose and rub, which leads to the pump running all the time and burning out. - the HSE sunroof may was well be open all the time for the amount of water it lets in - the suspension bushes are useless and only last 75k - reasonably big job for about £40 worth of parts. Some of the arms are cheaper to cut in two than try and remove. - make sure its had the proper 3D wheel alignment. Few places can do this, and if not done properly (for example after replacing the suspension bushes) then you can wave goodbye to all 4 tyres in about as many weeks. - electric park brake usually needs overhauling regularly - if not done then it will need it shortly Other than that it's a great car to drive and tow with. Just be prepared to live with the running costs.
  14. Well we seem to have been accidental accessories to ebay fraud. We recently got a letter registered delivery which contained nothing but a blank piece of paper. No return address or other indication of the sender or its purpose. The postie had seen a few of these about and dropped in at the weekend to confirm it was part of an ebay fraud where the seller sends out one of these blank letters to a different address in the same postcode instead of the sold item. The tracking shows that the parcel has been "delivered". Buyer claims item never arrived (which is correct) and gets a refund from ebay. Seller claims cost of item from Royal Mail.
  15. Trumps reaction to this shooting is to propose a ban on immigration. The shooter in this case (and many of the other recent atrocities in the US) was born in the US, not an immigrant. But it plays well with his target audience. Look at how the Brexit odds shortened hugely once we saw a dinghy with Albanians on the Kent coast a couple of weeks ago.


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