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  1. Green Birch wanted - Essex

    I should have said that I can collect in an estate care, Suburu Legacy.
  2. What wood do you want?

    Hiya Us axe and knife carvers love fresh felled birch and fruit woods, as do pole lathe turners. The problem is getting a steady supply as once the wood is a few months old it is to dry to carve. For us carvers some crooks are very welcome....
  3. Green Birch wanted - Essex

    Hi all I have run out of carving wood but I am hoping that yesterdays wind means that there is some very green birch about? Does anyone have any? I am in Bicknacre, near Danbury, near Chelmsford. I carve this sort of thing, with axe and knife.
  4. wooden mushrooms,,,

    As usual very nice
  5. one for the turners

    That is quality work, with beautiful wood.
  6. Hand carved birch bowl

    Thanks :-) The shape will change as the wood seasons, but I like that :-)
  7. Delabodge, can you make...

    I love those, the hint of colour really works. How long are they?
  8. tiny carving blade - yew handle

    Hi Geoff Blimey, that is very kind buddy, thanks. I wil get back to you when I have spoken to Tony.
  9. Carved bowl

    Ta muchly Difficult to say how long as I did bits over a week, a good few hours though
  10. Hi all A kind arborist from this parish gave me a yew branch, I also have a tiddly Nic Westerman blade so here they are together.... I love yew.... shame there is never much about.
  11. Carved bowl

    inchess should be inches......... doh
  12. spoons what wood to use

    La la la la la la.... can't hear you..... la la la
  13. spoons what wood to use

    Don't mention scorps, I managed to leave it of my "must have" list.... so far But as you have mentioned it, how is it in use?
  14. spoons what wood to use

    Hiya I have a load of Nics blades; A drawknife, 30mm clip point, Twca Cam, a left and right handed spoon knives, and a 70mm carver. They are all a joy to use, hold their edge well and all very, very sharp. On my wants list is Nics axe and adze, a roughing out spoon blade, a 100mm carver and now he is making gouges..... Much of what Nic makes is not on his website yet. When Nics blades arrive they are super sharp and I have started using his sharpening material as it is the best way to sharpen the blades. Although they stay sharp with just stropping for ages. Sharpening - Nic Westermann
  15. spoons what wood to use

    Green birch is a joy to use IMHO


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